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Protecting the Next Generation of Big Ideas

We each have the power to take steps, big and small, that create a positive impact on each other and our environment. That's why Post-it® Brand is always looking for ways to spark change and reduce our impact on the environment.

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    Sustainably Sourced Paper

    Post-it® Notes use paper made with trees from sustainability managed forests. These renewable and responsibly managed forests are carefully harvested and trees are replanted.

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    Zero-Waste-to-Landfill Manufacturing

    The 3M Cynthiana Kentucky facility that makes Post-it® Notes is a zero waste-to-landfill plant. All manufacturing waste produced is either reused, recycled, composted, or sent to energy recovery.

  • A Yellow Post-it® Note with a recycling icon drawn in white on it, on a craft paper background with plants in the corners.
    Recyclable Notes

    Post-it® Notes and Super Sticky Notes are curbside recyclable in the normal paper waste stream. These Post-it Notes use recycling-compatible adhesive that is removed during the process, so they can become something new.

  • A person taking out a stack of Post-it® Recycled Notes from it’s package.
    Recycled Paper Notes

    For those who want notes with higher recycled content, turn to our Post-it® Recycled Notes range. No new trees are used to make Post-it® Recycled Notes.

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