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5 ways to drive team productivity working from home.

Working remotely with a dispersed team has been a challenge for many. Established methods for keeping track of goals and collaborating with team members are no longer possible. But here are 5 ways the Post-it® App can help you stay on track and connected with your team no matter where you are working.

Work remotely smarter, not harder with these 5-tips and the Post-it® App

  • 1. Set yourself and teams up for success

    To achieve long term goals, you need to first conquer smaller ones. Since we as humans are more likely to achieve a goal when we’ve written it down, start by jotting down each of your monthly goals on its own Post-it® Super Sticky Note, 3 in. x 3 in. and place on a wall near your workspace. Each week write smaller goals that help you achieve the monthly goal. After those tasks are finished, capture them into the Post-it® App to help track goal progress. Working with others on those goals or projects? Share completed and upcoming tasks with the rest of your team with help from the Post-it® App. Just capture the project goals (Post-it® Notes) into the Post-it® App, and export the PowerPoint®, Excel®, PDF files. Even better, upload into Dropbox, Trello® and more to keep project momentum going.

    Lady placing Post-it® Super Sticky Note, 3 in. x 3 in. on glass wall to share tasks record capture with team others or projects

  • 2. Kanban board meeting

    Powered by Post-it® Products, a Kanban board is a great way to break up projects and help keep track of all the tasks through various stages of completion while allowing everyone on the team to be aware of the moving pieces. Not sure how-to Kanban? Just grab your team members names, the project tasks, a stack of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes and the Post-it® App and watch this video Once the Kanban board is setup, capture Post-it® Notes into the Post-it® App to share with the full team.

  • 3. Discover a new way to brainstorm – virtually

    An issue arises and it needs solving ASAP. No problem. Keep the project moving and get everyone on the phone. Have each team member write their solutions on Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, then capture each idea (Note) into the Post-it® App to create a new Post-it® Board. Request team members to export to the leader’s preferred format (PowerPoint®, Excel, PDF) and now the team leader can now begin to sort and create categories to find the best solution.

    Young Lady using app to work on Kanban board setting up Kanban board

  • 4. Share. Share. Share

    Don’t let ideas escape just because your desks are no longer within walking distance. Using the Post-it® Super Stick Easel Pad as a base for whatever comes to mind, and Post-it® Notes to jot down any ideas that strike or thoughts that pop. Capture it all on the Post-it® App to share across multiple applications. Don’t know how to use the Post-it® App? Visit Post-it.com/App.

    Download for iOS: http://postit.com/app-ios | Download for Android: http://postit.com/app-android

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  • 5. Face-to-face virtual meetings

    While nothing beats being in the same room as your team to see genuine reactions and ‘ah-ha’ moments, you can utilize available technology to stay connected while keeping up the team rapport that’s been missing from our usual routines with video conference calls and the Post-it® App. Video conference calls help keep everyone engaged and up to date, while the Post-it® App can help provide instant feedback shared across multiple platforms to keep the momentum of your projects moving towards the finish line.

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