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Daily communications packet in a workspace.

Your boss’s best friend

Create a daily packet to keep the boss organized and on schedule.

Most managers and executives are busy from the minute they step in the door until they leave for the day. Making their day go smoothly will help make your day go smoothly. You can do that by creating a daily communications packet to keep them on track.

  • Daily communications packet organized with Post-it® To Do Flags.

    Use a folder or binder to hold all the information they’ll need for that particular day (call reminders, messages, to-do list marked with a Post-it® To Do Flag, travel information, etc.). You can include paperwork that needs to be signed marked with a Post-it® Sign Here Flag.

  • Daily communications packet organized with Post-it® To Do Flags on a desk.

    Create a table of contents using different colors for different sections and mark those sections with a Post-it® Flag of the same color. Be sure to include a set of Post-it® Flags in the On-the-Go Dispenser so they can make notes on things that need your attention when they return the communications packet. Use different colors of folders for each day of the week, so you can fill them as necessary leading up to that day.

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