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Writing a novel on Post-it® Notes

Writing a novel on Post-it® Notes

Writing your debut novel isn’t exactly an easy task.

  • With the average book clocking in at more than 80,000 words, to say it requires A LOT of work is an understatement. And does anyone really have time to read books these days?

    Miss Novella (yes, that’s her nom de plume) responded to these challenges with a unique, some may say novel, approach: publish her literary debut entirely on Post-it® Notes.

    “I knew I wanted to write a novel,” says Novella, “But how people read is entirely different today with social media. So I chose to write my novel one Post-it® Note at a time and put them up daily on Instagram.”

    Once she started the process, she knew she was onto something.

    “People started engaging with me pretty quickly. I think that speaks to the scannable nature of the project—it was just an easy and inviting way to bring people into my character’s world,” says Novella.

     Of course, the nature of Post-it® Products helped too.
    “Post-it® Notes are so recognizable and inviting. People love engaging with them. And they just happen to fit perfectly within the Instagram viewer…it’s almost like Instagram modeled itself after them.”

    Averaging 60 handwritten words per Post-it® Note, Novella’s project has come to life over approximately 1200 pieces of 3 in. X 3 in. paper. While she’s excited to move on to her next project, she still sees more creative possibilities with Post-it® Products in the future.

  • “While my novel revolves around the world of a 20-something girl working in fashion, there might be possibilities to show her in a different way outside of words. Maybe I’ll publish her sketchbook/visual diary for Instagram. Anything is possible!”
    See the entire @thepostitnovella project on Instagram.

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