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Study Methods That Actually Work

Study methods that actually work

Armed with some smarter study techniques and the right tools, you can learn to study more effectively, stay energized, and maximize your learning potential.

  • There are a plenty of study suggestions floating around in the world, and some of them are just plain ineffective (looking at you, all-nighter!). Check out these superior study skills that will help you think more efficiently, maintain your mental health, and achieve those sky-high test scores. When you reach your goals, you’re one step closer to success — and to making your mark on the world.

    Study Methods that Work - Embrace Variety

  • 1. Embrace variety

    Instead of focusing on just one topic, study various topics during a single session. Jot down thoughts on Post-it® Super Sticky Notes 3 in. x 3 in. to keep ideas close at hand and trade topics every 15 minutes or so. And because the notes are super sticky, you can put them almost anywhere and they’ll stay put — until you need to remove and re-stick them elsewhere, like your notebook. Bonus points for color coding your notes by subject!

    Study Methods that Work - Drop the Highlighters

  • 2. Drop the highlighters

    Evidence shows that highlighting and underlining in books is largely ineffective. Instead, quickly mark important ideas, quotes, passages and other important info with Post-it® Flags and refer to as necessary. The colorful flags stand out visually, and can be repositioned if you find something more relevant to highlight.

    Study Methods that Work - Declutter

  • 3. Declutter

    Study with less stuff. Keep your space tidy and organized and only have the materials you need to keep your brain focused — keep only the essential tools at hand.

  • 4. Get some shuteye!

    The exhaustive effects of an all-nighter can negatively affect your thinking for the next four days! In other words, get some sleep and keep your brain sharp instead of strung out. If you need a reminder, jot down some big Zs on a Post-it® Super Sticky Note 3 in. x 3 in. above your desk at eye level. It’ll stay put night after night to keep reminding you to get some sleep.

    How to study best? Tips are a dime a dozen, yet you only really need a few solid ones to kickstart more efficient learning and stay energized and on-task. And when you’re focused on what you’re studying, you’re primed to achieve your dreams. Remember these simple study skills, and you’ll be getting it done like a true scholar:

    1. Embrace variety
    2. Drop the highlighters
    3. Declutter
    4. Get some shuteye
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