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Use visual lists for picture perfect productivity

Accomplish more with visual cues

Manage the big picture with visual cues

  • If you’re visually oriented, using written task lists can feel like trying to force a square painting into a round frame. Don’t fight your instincts — instead, adapt your list-making style to create a system that works for you.

    For visual thinkers, seeing isn’t just believing. It’s learning, analyzing, problem solving and more. Instead of struggling with a text-based organization system, embrace your unique outlook to bring more order to your life with a visual to-do list.

  • Give your to-do list a new look

    There are three steps to making visual to-do lists:

    1. Get supplies. Gather art supplies that bring you joy: stickers, pens, markers, and Scotch® Magic™ Tape all come in a range of colors. Keep a stack of Post-it® Super Sticky Lined Notes, 4 in. x 4 in. handy — with no lines, they’re the perfect place to jot down drawings and doodles that keep you inspired.
    2. Start drawing. Silence your inner art critic and let the ideas flow. Quick sketches are fine — getting your thoughts down is more important than making a masterpiece.
    3. Refine your list. To round out your tasks, you can create new drawings or add more details to your initial sketches. Since you can stick and re-stick Post-it® Super Sticky Notes however you want, it’s easy to create a visual map of your thinking and change it as often as you like.
  • Picture perfect productivity

    You can make a visual to-do list for any project, but some are especially suited to this organization style. These include:

    • Travel
      • Planning a European getaway? Place your visual tasks on a map that outlines your itinerary.
      • Make a travel bucket list by drawing flags of all the countries you hope to visit someday.
      • If you’re visiting an historic location, you’ll want to take lots of pictures. Plan your photos in advance by drawing thumbnail sketches of all the great shots you want to capture.
    • Cooking
      • When trying an unfamiliar recipe, draw sketches of each step to make sure you understand the instructions.
      • Spice up your cooking repertoire with new ingredients — make a visual list of ingredients you’d like to try and use it to shop at the grocery store.
    • Chores
      • Create a family chore scavenger hunt: Draw pictures of chores and stick them up around your home. Compete to see who can find and complete the most chores.
      • Draw pictures of common household chores, then put them in a bowl. Have each family member take turns picking their chores. (No peeking!)

    When you know yourself and work with your strengths, you’ll be more likely to succeed. With Post-it® Products, you can turn your visions into reality.

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