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Using Color to Get Organized

Using Color to Get Organized

Research shows that color-coding data improves immediate comprehension — conveying information faster and with better staying power.

  • How do we organize and perceive the world around us? According to neuroscientists, our brains often process color before anything else. As we scan the world for information, they say, color perception is the first thing we use to help us comprehend and respond to our environment.

    In fact, the human brain already has an inherent inclination to perceive information as naturally organized patterns. That’s why when we arrange information such as “to do” lists into understandable patterns like color schemes, it ensures that our brains are able to more quickly process the information and also increases the likelihood the tasks will be completed.

    From work files to email to homework to closets, color is a great way to stay organized, boost productivity and breathe a sigh of relief!


  • Activity

    Feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list? One way to stay on top of it is to use different colored Post-it® Super Sticky Notes for work, personal, family and home tasks. Place them on a wall so they can be easily seen and interpreted. Or, use different colors to organize tasks by immediate, soon or future!

    Do you use Post-it® Notes to stay organized? Share your ideas on Facebook and showcase your personal approach.

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