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Use Post-it® products to inspire creativity and learning

Use Post-it® products to inspire creativity and learning

Here’s a bunch of art projects and activities that use Post-it® Products to spark your kid’s creative thinking, foster learning and occupy their time while you get more things done.


    Use a full pad of Post-it® Notes or separate however many notes you need. Then make a drawing on each note that's slightly different from the one before it as if each was an image on a roll of film. Once you're done with your story, quickly flip through the stack of notes to watch your animation. Older kids will have a blast making videos of their story.


    Mixing a little art with their reading can help your kids comprehend and recall details of a story. After reading a chapter or passage, have them make a quick sketch that summarizes the action. It should only take a minute, but the outward expression helps solidify the meaning for much longer.


    Want a neat way to encourage your kids to explore the natural world? Lay a Post-it® Note or a sheet from a Post-it® Big Pad over the top of a leaf, a flower bloom or tree bark. Then use a crayon or pencil to do a rubbing to get a new look at the amazing detail.

  • 4. PIXEL ART

    Need a simple way to create colorful characters, scenes or images? Use colored Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, using one note for each 'pixel' of your picture. You could also spell out messages to guests or family members on windows or walls.

    pixel art

  • 5. ORIGAMI

    Can you make a bird? How about a flower? To get started, search out Post-it® Origami Instructions on the web. Then as your kids get the hang of it, see what they dream up.


    To help your children build their vocabulary in a new language, identify common items or locations throughout your home with Post-it® Notes containing the translated words. This way, your kids can be learning wherever they go. A little might rub off on you, as well.

  • 7. THE 3” X 3” CANVAS

    Every Post-it® Note is a blank canvas. Have your kid draw or paint a picture. Then hold a gallery showing of their work. This is also a great group activity – be it a gathering of their friends or with your whole family. Prefer a larger canvas? Try Post-it® Big Pads.


    When your kids are ready to use scissors, set out some different colors of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes. Let the kids cut out interesting shapes and stick them to a background. Using the scissors helps build manual dexterity, and the notes can be re-used again and again


    Create colorful flower wall art made from Post-it® Notes or Post-it® Super Sticky Notes. What interesting shapes or color combinations will your kids come up with?


    To expose your child to the magic of maps, use Post-it® Notes or Post-it® Arrows to highlight where your ancestors came from, where relatives live, where your child has traveled or where your family is headed over break.


    Use pages from a Post-it® Easel Pad to create the backdrops for the “stage.” Your kids can draw on them or decorate them with shapes and details made from Post-it® Super Sticky Notes or Post-it® Big Pads. When you stick the backdrops to the wall, you can layer them according to the different acts in the puppet show and take them down as they move from act to act.


    Post-it® Notes and Post-it® Flags can be cut and layered to give dimension and texture in a way that mimics leaves, scales or feathers. Can your kids make a super tall tree, a majestic eagle or a fierce dragon?

    Have ideas for creative expression using Post-it® Products? Share them with the Post-it® Community on Facebook.

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