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Post-it® Brand Halloween Costumes: Three Costumes You Can Create From Your Supply Closet

Post-it® Brand Halloween Costumes

No costume ideas yet? No big deal, check out some tips and ideas for creating a great Halloween costume using Post-it® Products.

  • The best Halloween costume ideas always seem to pop into your head after Halloween is already over. This year, instead of having an “Oh, I should’ve done that” moment, start planning your Halloween costume early. We have some ideas for easy costumes created from your office supply closet.

    And, if you’re reading this at 11 a.m. on October 31, don’t stress. All of these costumes can be made in just enough time for the office party.

  • The Piñata

    1.  Materials You’ll Need
     1 cardboard box
     1–2 pads of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, Rio de Janeiro Color Collection
     Scotch® Brand Scissors

    2.  How to do it
     Cut three holes in the cardboard box–two holes on the side for your arms and one on the top for your head. Next,  
     select three to five colors you’d like for the piñata. Then take your scissors and make three to four vertical cuts to fray
     the Post-it® Notes. Place the notes from bottom to top on the box in horizontal rows. Plan to use one color for each row.
     Make sure you overlap the notes to create an authentic piñata look!

     Pro Tip: Cut several Post-it® Notes at a time to save some scissor snipping energy.

    3.  Put on your colorful costume. It’s time to party, people!

    Piñata Halloween Costume

    Piñata Halloween Costume

  • Brainstorm Board

    1.  Materials You’ll Need:
     Post-it® Easel Pad
     Post-it® Notes
     A marker
     A 2 ft. long piece of string

    2.  How to do It
     Place the string between the holes on either side of the Post-it® Easel Pad and tie the two ends of the string   together. Then, use a marker to label the paper brainstorm. Place your “ideas” from the brainstorm on Post-it®   Notes and stick them to the Easel Pad. Then, connect the ideas by drawing arrows with your marker.

    3.  Put your costume on and go have some fun because you look great!

    Brainstorm Board Halloween Costume

    Brainstorm Board Halloween Costume

  • A Bird

    1.  Materials You’ll Need:
     2 poster boards
     1–2 pads of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, Bali Color Collection
     2 small pieces string
     Scotch® Brand Scissors

    2.  How to do It
     Use your scissors to cut out wings from the poster boards. Punch two holes at the base of each wing and use   the string to tie them together. Once you  have made your wings, use the Post-it® Notes to create the feathers.   Start at the tip of the wing and overlap the Post-it® Notes all the way to the top, to  create the feather effect.
     You can also use Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, Rio de Janerio Color Collection.

    3.  You’re ready to go, have a great Halloween celebration!

    A Bird Halloween Costume

    A Bird Halloween Costume

    We hope these ideas will make your Halloween great. They are simple, creative costumes that will have everyone talking at the office party (in a good way).

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