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Post-it® employee performance file in a workspace.

The reviews are in

Organize annual employee review paperwork to stay up to date.

  • Close-up of employee performance file with color-coded Post-it® Flags marking each quarter.

    Stay on top of yearly reviews by setting up a file folder based on quarterly hire dates. Use a Post-it® Angled Tab to label the file “Employee Performance,” then pick a different color for each quarter and create a folder for each employee marked with a Post-it® Flag the color of the quarter they were hired in. Use Post-it® Flags to identify the different quarterly sections within the file folder.

  • Employee performance file and review form with Post-it® Flag marked “Sign Here.”

    At the beginning of each quarter, pull the review forms from all the files marked with that quarter’s color and distribute them to the proper supervisors for processing. Use Post-it® Flags marked “Sign Here” to indicate necessary signatures to complete the review process.

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