1. That's What Friends Do
That's What Friends Do
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That's What Friends Do

Use Post-it® Notes to write messages of kindness to fellow students.

  • Subject:

    All subjects

  • Topics:

    connection, kindergarten, 1st-5th grade

  • Materials:

    Post-it® Notes & markers, pens or pencils

  • Grade Level:

    Kindergarten, 1st - 5th Grade

  • Estimated Time:

    10 - 20 minutes
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  • 1

    Ask your students to choose a few classmates. Then, have them write something nice on a Post-it® Note for each classmate

  • 2

    Student writes a nice thought or a thank you on the Post-it® Notes. These can be as simple as, "I like your shirt," "You are a good friend," or "Thanks for sticking up for me at lunch today."

    Student writes a nice thought or a thank you on the Post-it® Notes

                                    These can be as simple as, "I like your shirt"


  • 3

    Have your students deliver their message, either given while the receiving student is at their desk or if they prefer to remain anonymous, by sticking the Post-it® Note to the desk.

  • 4

    Once everyone has delivered their message, take a moment to look around the room to make sure everyone is included. Encourage your students to write additional messages as needed. 

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