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Shaping your personality through color

Shaping your personality through color

Four basic personality types correspond with four different color families. Purposeful, competitive types prefer red, mellow and caring souls seek out green, sociable smooth-talkers live in yellow, and cautious, deliberate sorts are cool blue to the core.

  • Color is part of our lifelong habit of taking in nonverbal information. From songs, books, movies, and stories, we are taught to associate different colors with particular meanings.

    Think of green. Depending on the context, it could convey wealth, jealousy, rejuvenation, or environmentalism. That’s a lot of messages!

    Some theorize that people can be separated into four distinct color groups corresponding to four personality types. In this schema, yellow personalities are motivated by fun, blue by relationships, white by non-confrontation, and red by power.

    Even car companies take note of the fact that color choice says something interesting about the customer. Black is the most popular color for luxury vehicles, while silver strikes the right note for buyers keen on innovation.

    Look at your car, your office, your stuff, your wardrobe—and do a mental inventory of the messages you’re sending out. Not being taken seriously? Those cheering yellows and oranges might be branding you as “fun,” while mixing in more black in might tip you into “ferocious."


  • Get to know your color personality

    Your personality can often be reflected by your favorite color palettes. Discover your “color personality” by choosing which set of colors you best identify with.

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