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Roommate Notes

Roommate Notes

Living with someone you barely know can range from slightly difficult to excruciatingly frustrating. Whether you disagree about how much clutter (or pizza boxes and dirty socks) ends up on the floor, how much noise (or heavy metal at 3am) you’re allowed to make, or how you share food (or keep people from stealing it out of the fridge), friction is bound to arise at some point.

  • Let’s be honest – it’s probably best to talk with your roommates in person, but sometimes your schedule (or white-hot rage that can’t be spoken without apoplectic sputtering) gets in the way. That’s where Post-it® Super Sticky Notes come in. When you just can’t stand to say it to someone’s face, we’re here to help you communicate anyway.

    Let’s look at some examples of how to write Post-it® Notes for your roommates.

  • Draw a treasure map

    Is your roommate having trouble putting dishes in the dishwasher, trash in the garbage can, or laundry in the hamper? Try enlightening them with a map from one location to the other. Ok, so maybe they won’t appreciate your cartographic skills, but you’ll probably get the point across.

    Draw a treasure map

  • Label your stuff

    Has your box of cereal gotten suspiciously lighter in the past few days? Missing a few eggs from your carton? Your name in marker on a Post-it® Super Sticky Note is a good way to mark your territory. Not very subtle, but then again, subtlety probably hasn’t been working so far, has it?

    Label your stuff

  • Label other people’s stuff

    Has your roommate’s pizza box been on the floor for the last two weeks? Maybe they need a reminder it belongs to them. Add a handy note to help them remember it’s theirs. True, they still might not pick it up, but at least they’ll notice that you’re annoyed.

    Label other people’s stuff

  • Try the direct approach

    When all else fails, go bigger. If a regular 3X3 Post-it® Note isn’t getting the job done, go for a Post-it® Big Pad. They won’t be able to miss it. As for your message, sometimes it’s best just to tell the truth. Try an “I statement,” to make sure that you’re really communicating your feelings about the situation.

    Try the direct approach

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