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Post-it® Brand and the Healing Process

Post-it® Brand and the Healing Process

Get ideas to help loved ones during the healing process through art, communication and encouragement.


    Art has been shown to enhance physical, mental and emotional wellbeing during the healing process. This allows both children and adults to be more active and independent while returning a sense of normalcy to their lives.

    Keep a Post-it® Super Sticky Note pad or Post-it® Big Pad by the bed along with several crayons, colored pencils or markers. That way when they’ve completed a "canvas," it can be stuck right on the wall for others to see and offer encouragement.

    Give them a variety of Post-it® Super Sticky Note colors to allow them to express just how they feel in the moment.

    Friends and family can place encouraging words next to the works of art, turning the room into a reminder of how much they’re loved. Encourage kids who come to visit to write a letter or create a picture of their own to give to the patient and stick it by the bed.


    One of the great things about Post-it® Super Sticky Notes is you can stick them almost anywhere, including a patient’s hospital room. Set up a station with many different colors of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes. That way, whenever visitors come, they can write encouraging words and stick them to the wall to serve as colorful signs of support, cheering the patient on through recovery.


    While talk therapy can have remarkable results, some may need a different form of communication to express their feelings.

    For some a pencil and pad of Post-it® Notes may be just the thing. Find some colorful ones and offer a pen, marker or even a brush as an alternative to those that might not be ready to talk. Post-it® Notes can be a good vehicle for random thoughts, feelings or anything at all. They can write words or simply sketch their state of mind.

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