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Write down ideas on Post-it® Notes, then share with teams using the Post-it® App

Get to the solution quickly with a vision sprint.

  • Want to accomplish months of idea development in a matter of days? If you’re able to set aside a continuous amount of time for your team to collaborate (usually 2-4 days), you can lead a Vision Sprint to reach goals rapidly. And the Post-it® Brand can help align team members’ perspectives to bring the future into focus. Make your vision a reality.

    A Vision Sprint breaks the development of a new idea into short exercises encouraging participation and keeps everyone on the same page.

    Recently, the Post-it® Brand organized a Vision Sprint with a digital agency, Bontouch and Google to reinvent the beloved Post-it® Note. The goal of the sprint: bridge the divide between analog paper notes and the digital work environment. As an important part of any Vision Sprint, teams relied on Post-it® Products in this real-world exercise to envision the future of the Post-it® Brand.

    Sprint methodology can bring diverse perspectives of many together to solve problems with help from the Post-it® Brand. During your sprint, utilize Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, 3 in. x 3 in. to help ignite creative thinking and have 2X the sticking power to stay put on walls  for everyone to see. Then, capture the notes into the Post-it® App to share with the whole team.

    Check out some of the activities that can guide the first stage of a Vision Sprint:

    Lightning Talks
    Lightning Talks help everyone understand the project and see what’s ahead. Assign speakers to cover the background information about a project succinctly. Each talk should last 10-15 minutes. Lightning Talk topics could include goals, research, or a competitive analysis.

    TIP: This is a great opportunity for participants to take digital notes in the Post-it® App. They simply open the app and tap the + on the main screen to add a new note. Choose from an array of note and pen colors. Then tap “Add.”

    Job Stories
    Products exist to help customers get jobs done. In this 45-60 minute activity, give everyone a pad of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes to write one job story per note from the consumer’s perspective. The typical format follows “[When____] [I want to____] [so I can____].”

    For example a Job Story from the Post-it® Brand’s Vision Sprint might have looked like: “When I need to take meeting notes, I want to transfer our ideas quickly, so I can share our progress with the team right away.” 

    How Might We (HMW)
    Ask questions to transform problems into opportunities. Write each question or opportunity idea on individual Post-it® Super Sticky Notes while keeping in mind: “How” – the answer is out there, “Might” – the idea might or might not work, and “We” – teams carry ideas further together.

    For example the Post-it® Brand might have asked this HMW question: HMW Question – How might the Post-it® Brand better help people connect ideas using the Post-it® App? The Opportunity – Syncing the app with other platforms, such as Trello®, would bring meeting notes to the next stage of the project seamlessly.

  • Capture the notes into the Post-it® App to share with the whole team.

    Affinity Mapping
    Categorize your opportunities from the HMW exercise into themes. When finished, you can capture and digitize all the notes with the Post-it® App, up to 200 notes at a time. Easily summarize your progress by grouping notes within the Post-it® App. Simply hold and drag individual notes to create new categories. You can easily rename groups by tapping the headings. 

    The possibilities are endless.

    Reach the end of a Vision Sprint faster by letting the Post-it® App transcribe your notes for you. When you’re ready to share your progress with the whole team, simply tap the share button in the upper right corner of the board screen in the app. Export as a Post-it® Board to share to another app user. Or export into another platform like PowerPoint®, Excel®, PDF, Dropbox, Trello® and more.

    Post-it® Brand products get teams further faster. For 40 years, Post-it® Notes have helped people achieve incredible goals all over the world. Now the Post-it® App can save you hours of transcribing notes and share ideas instantly no matter where your work happens.

If you want more information about how to use the Post-it® App, visit Post-it.com/App.

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