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Packing for kids: How to organize for camp or vacation

Packing for kids: How to organize for camp or vacation

Whether it’s a long vacation or a trip to camp, kids seem to need so much stuff that it can be hard to keep track of it all. Let us help you fight past the madness of nametags, bug spray, and last-minute panic – it’s all going to work out fine.

  • First, make a list

    If you’re sending your kid off to camp, they’ll probably get a packing list from the camp itself, so use that as your guide. If you’re packing for vacation, you’ll have to make a list for yourself. Either way, write the list out on a Post-it® Super Sticky List Note and put in on the inside of the suitcase lid (or on the wall or table next to where the packing’s being done). If your child is old enough, he or she can do the rest, but, if not, you might need to lend a hand.

    First, make a list.

  • Next, organize everything neatly.

    Gather all the things on the list and lay them out on the bed, the (clean) floor, or a table, leaving enough space between each item so you can see that everything’s in order. Check every item against the list to make sure you’re not missing anything.

    Next, organize everything neatly

  • Then, add labels.

    If you’re sending your precious offspring to camp, their stuff is going to need labels. Post-it® Full Adhesive Roll makes a great temporary labeling solution for the things you don’t want to write on in permanent marker. (Don’t try to use it for underwear, though – that’s not going to work out.)

    Then, add labels

  • Now for the easy part – pack.

    Just put it all in the designated luggage as neatly as possible. If not everything fits, you’ve got two choices: more luggage or less stuff. If necessary, be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice – stuffed animals.

    Once you’re finished, and assuming the suitcases successfully remain closed, congratulate yourself on a job well done and enjoy your upcoming leisure time.

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