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Organizing job prospects via scrum board

Organizing job prospects via scrum board

There are a lot of strategies that go into finding your first job out of college. Networking, informational interviews and career fairs to name a few. You've likely narrowed down to the field you are interested in, but it is still hard to keep track of all the prospects. Take a hint from the working world and give a job scrum board a try.

  • 1. Set up the scrum board.

    Set up the scrum board

    Begin by finding a large free wall and place Post-it® Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface on it – a wall that you'll see everyday is ideal. List out headers for each of the following: Company, Job title, Contact and Progress. Write down all the places you'd like to work – this is not the time to skimp. Any job that pops in your head, write it down.

  • 2. Fill out contact information.

    Take a Post-it® Super Sticky Note and list out contact information for each job on the board. Just their name an email will work. Post-it® Notes are best for this because you can take it with you when the time comes to contact them.

  • 3. Keep track of next steps.

    This is the most important and most useful part of the job scrum board. In the Progress column, keep an on-going update on each possible job. For example: "sent in application," "send email on Friday," "waiting for response," or "informational interview on Tuesday." Each time you move forward with an application, interview or follow-up email, update this column with the next action you should take.

    Not every position you apply for will lead to a job – keep your head up! Finding a job can be stressful; hopefully, these steps will help you narrow down to a place that marks the beginning of your career. In the meantime, try to keep calm and enjoy the experience of finding your first job.

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