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Organize tasks and keep your team on track

Use the Kanban system to organize your workflow and keep your team project on track

  • The Kanban method is a technique for organizing workflow that makes it easier to keep track of how projects are progressing. It’s incredibly useful in trying to manage projects with several team members and tight timelines. Using Post-it® Super Sticky Notes you can easily organize tasks, delegate them to team members and track progress through one easy-to-understand system.

    To start, you will need a smooth wall, a marker and Post-it® Super Sticky Notes 3 in x 3 in — one color for each member of your team. Start by evenly spacing three Post-it® Notes of the same color across the top of your poster board. Write “To-Do” on the first, “Doing” on the second and “Done” on the third.

    post-it note Kanban board

  • Assign a colored note each member of your team. On the left hand side, place the Post-it® Super Sticky Notes as a key to easily denote each team member’s tasks.

    post-it note kanban board

  • Now start planning! As you work through what tasks need to be completed, have whoever is going to take on that task jot it down on a Post-it® Super Sticky Note and place it in the “To-Do” section on the board. Once all the tasks have been placed on the board, get to work! Each team member should select a task to start with and place it in the “Doing” section. Once the task is completed, move it on to the “Done” section and select another task to start on.

  • Once all the tasks have been moved to “Done,” throw a party and reuse your Kanban system for your next upcoming project.

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