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Nominal Group Technique

Nominal Group Technique

Getting everyone into the act.

Participation is key when generating great ideas. The nominal group technique provides a structure for everyone to contribute to a brainstorming session.

Let’s face it: sometimes people are shy when sharing ideas. (That or a few people simply dominate a group thinking session.) The nominal group technique provides a brainstorming method that encourages input from everyone to discover a range of solutions.

Simply identify a moderator, grab some writing tools and use this simple approach to begin:

  • 1

    Identify the subject of your brainstorming session. Write it on a Post-it® Big Pad and hang it on the wall for all participants to see.

    Identify the subject of your brainstorming session

  • 2

    Have each participant write down as many ideas relating to the focus as possible within 5 minutes. One Post-it® Note per idea.

    One Post-it® Note per idea

  • 3

    After 5 minutes have passed, have each participant share one idea aloud. The moderator will record it on a Post-it® Easel Pad for everyone to see. During this step, it’s important to follow these additional guidelines:

    a.Discussing ideas at this stage is not allowed. Simply record the idea and move on to the next person.
    b.Shared ideas don’t have to come from that participant’s written notes — in fact, a participant may be inspired by something shared prior.

  • 4

    Continue around the group until each participant has shared his/her favorite idea.

  • 5

    Have the group discuss the shared ideas to clarify any questions as far as meaning, logic, etc.

  • 6

    Now it’s time to vote! Have the group identify the top ranked ideas and continue another round of brainstorming if the situation (and time) warrants.

    Identify the top ranked ideas

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