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Office manager holding a new employee package in an office.

New employee partnership package

A personalized way to get new employees off to a great start.

Starting a new job can be stressful — meeting new people, completing paperwork and more can make it overwhelming. You can help to remove some of the stress by creating a package just for them.

  • New employee package color-coded with Post-it® Tabs and Post-it® To Do Flags indicating urgent paperwork.

    Use a sectioned binder or accordion file to hold all necessary documents and information. Make a section of “documents to complete” and mark papers with Post-it® To Do Flags, using red ones to mark the most urgent paperwork. Create a table of contents using different colors for different sections and mark them with color-coded Post-it® Tabs. The employee could keep the binder as a handy reference guide and even update it as new employment materials are released.

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