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Managing work at home

Work often weaves itself into our personal hours. Use these tips to help strike a healthy balance.

  •  Set goals and limits

    Set goals and limits

    At the beginning of each day, identify 3-5 “must-do” tasks and color-code them by importance with Post-it® Flags. Check in with your progress periodically throughout the day to be sure you're staying on task.

  • Take a breather

    Take a breather

    Science Daily studies show that taking a 15-minute breather from time-to-time can recharge your productivity and help prepare you for your next project. Write yourself a Post-it® Note reminder to walk around the block, eat a piece of fruit or give yourself some brief “me” time.

  • Do Not Disturb

    Do Not Disturb

    Use Post-it® Flags, Super Sticky Notes or Big Pads near your office space to create a message that you're temporarily off-limits. Give instruction for when and how they can check back later.

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