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Managing Group Dynamics

Managing Group Dynamics

Working with a team can truly be one of the most productive components to getting your idea off the ground.

Experience the benefits for yourself with these helpful tips:

    1. Talk strengths, not titles. Have everyone discuss the strengths and opportunities that they’re looking to build on.
    2. Create a team charter. Define the group’s goals/outputs and then assign roles and responsibilities. Jot this information down and place where everyone can see it — ideally on a Post-it® Super Sticky Big Note!
    3. Tackle problems early. If someone isn’t on the same page, discuss the issue as a team and resolve as quickly as possible.
    4. Be cautious of too much consensus. Agreement is good…but too much of it can be counterproductive. Welcome counterpoints to any discussion and grow from them.
    5. Take time to celebrate. As in any relationship, people love to know when they’re appreciated. Hand out positive words as needed and keep the momentum churning.

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