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SCRUM methodology

Make the leap from to-do to done with the scrum methodology

The Scrum method– powered by Post-it® Products– breaks a project up into modules, helping track all the project tasks through various stages of completion no matter where you are working.

  • What is the Scrum method? If you’re collaborating on a quick moving project with lots of moving parts, Scrum can be a big help. It’s a flexible, holistic strategy where a team works as a unit to reach a common goal. Pairing Scrum with Post-it® Products, might be just what you need to help your team get ideas out and assemble all the puzzle pieces into a beautiful complete whole. And with the Post-it® App, stop spending hours transcribing meeting notes, instead capture them digitally to keep project momentum going.

How does the Scrum method work?

  • 1. Set it all up with a surface – dry erase works best!

    Begin your Scrum process by finding a wall and installing Post-it® Dry Erase Surface or even a Post-it® Super Sticky Easel Pad. This will give you a flexible space for writing, sketching, and thinking out loud while working remotely. On the Dry Erase Surface, draw five columns and write individual headers for each in this order: Story, To Do, In Process, To Verify, and Done. Next, write a complete list of all the functions and features that need to be added to your project. In the world of Scrum, we call these “stories” – each story is a smaller sub-project with its own associated tasks.

  • 2. Start writing your project’s story.

    Now write down each story separately on Post-it® Super Sticky Notes 3 in. X 3 in. and arrange them in the story column. You can use the variety of colors to color-code each story note to the team member responsible for it, and since the notes are super sticky, you can rearrange them over and over again as you work through the scrum process.

  • 3. Assign all of your tasks and to-dos

    Here’s where things start to get exciting! Identify the to-dos associated with each and every story, write each task on a Post-it® Super Sticky Notes 3 in. X 3 in., and stick them in a row next to the relevant story. The notes are great for jotting down shorter to-dos, and with two times the sticking power of regular notes, you can trust they’ll stay front and center. Stepping back, you can see your Scrum columns, your stories, and all the to-do’s associated with those stories– a high-level summery of your project and its timeline.

    Next, capture your Scrum stories and tasks (a.k.a. Post-it® Notes) into the Post-it® App. Scrum Masters can track digitally within the Post-it® App or to upload to Trello® for virtual teams to keep on track no matter where your office is located. Now it’s time to put it all into action!

  • 4. Tackle the to-dos and watch them get done.

    If a to-do is ready to be worked on, the team member responsible for it moves it to the In Process column or if working remotely, communicates with scrum master to shift digitally to the In Process column. The In Process column represents all tasks that are currently being worked on – whether just underway or close to being completed.

    If a task has been worked on but requires testing, the team member responsible for it moves it to the To Verify column.

    Once a task has been completed, it can be moved to the Done column! When your project is fully complete, celebrate by removing any Post-it® Super Sticky Notes from the Done column and setting it aside to archive. Save them digitally by capturing with the Post-it® App and export to Excel®, PowerPoint®, PDF and more. Send to the team for a full recap or project status.

    By incorporating the Scrum methodology into your team’s workflow using these key Post-it® Products, you’ve got a powerful way to turn thoughts into actions, allow your team to share ideas, and take the small steps needed to achieve a goal. Just follow the steps:

    1. Start with a surface.
    2. Write your project’s “stories”
    3. Assign your to-dos
    4. Track progress
    5. Capture and share digitally with the Post-it® App

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