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How to adjust to life after college

How to adjust to life after college: Tips for pretending to be a grown-up

So, you’re about to graduate. You’ve probably had enough of relatives asking you what your plans are while you stare at them blankly and stammer about internships and the Peace Corps. Let’s get down to what really matters: How you’re going to survive doing your own laundry and cooking for yourself. Don’t worry; we’re all just pretending to be grown-ups anyway.


    1. Get some cookbooks.

    Just buy a couple of basic ones, and add some Post-it® Flags on recipes you think you can handle. Then, go ahead and try them out. Look, you’re going to have to learn sometime. The earlier you start, the less embarrassing it’ll be when you burn stuff and accidentally force the whole building to evacuate by setting off the fire alarm. When you’re 23, it’s kind of ok. When you’re 35, not so much.


    Remind yourself to do your chores.




    2. Remind yourself to do your chores.

    In the real world, you can't forget to do your dishes for weeks at a time. Write "DO THE DISHES" on a Post-it® Super Sticky Note, and leave it on the last plate in the stack. Unless it's the only plate in the stack – then you might want to think about a trip to the thrift store.


    Pay your bills.




    3. Pay your bills.

    No, seriously, it's pretty important. If possible, just have them automatically taken out of your account, but for stuff like rent or water bills or whatever else is still rocking the paper envelopes, put a brightly colored Post-it® Super Sticky Note on the envelope with the due date in big letters. Now, here's the important part – don't lose it.




    4. Communicate with your roommates.

    Hopefully you're on speaking terms, but, if you're not (or you just never see each other), Post-it® Super Sticky Notes are your friend, whether you need to remind your roommates to do their own chores, tell them that the aforementioned bills are, in fact, coming due, or just plan some quality time with Chinese food and movies on Friday night.







    5. Decorate.

    Grown-ups generally decorate their walls, but framed pictures are expensive. Well, you're in luck, because Post-it® Super Sticky Notes make great wall art. Or window art. Or fridge art. Go crazy. You're not old yet.

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