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In-Class Posters

In-class posters

Creating a poster as you progress through a lesson is a great way for teachers to illustrate new concepts and save precious time on developing classroom materials.


    This technique benefits teachers and students alike. For longer units that introduce ideas students will be using again and again, making in-class posters allows you to call out important information. That information is also already preserved for quick reference during later classes, cutting down on the time you spend recreating and laminating materials outside of class.

  • Step One

    Set up a Post-it® Easel Pad at the front of the room.

  • Step 2

    Proceed through a lesson as usual, but call out key concepts with notes and illustrations. This will make important information stand out in students’ minds, and solidify the progressive pieces of the lesson more firmly.

    call out key concepts with notes and illustrations

  • Step Three

    Make sure to have an array of brightly colored markers handy. You can make each step of the lesson stand out with color coding.

  • Step Four

    Once the lesson is over, you have a ready-made visual aid to hang up on the wall. No need to spend time recreating the poster later. And, because the students were present for the creation of the poster they’ll already be a step ahead when it comes to memorizing important elements.

    you have a ready-made visual aid to hang up on the wall

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