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Improve reading skills with these 4 tips

4 reading strategies for efficiency

Reading efficiently is important if you want to maximize your productivity. With just a few key tips and Post-it® Products, you’ll get in the habit of absorbing the important info you need faster, so you can get it done and stay energized.

  • The days of highlighters are long gone! With better reading tips and tools, you’ll see how you can study more effectively. Writing things down by hand is powerful — in fact, we’re more likely to achieve our goals when we do! So when it comes to reading, we can actually use writing to boost our productivity. And when you’re at your most productive, you can make your mark on the world. We’ll show you how.

  • 2. Color code key items

    For every important item you come across that you might want to reference later, use a color-coded system — it’s a great way to organize information and refer to it quickly later. For instance, designate the color blue for important quotes, and yellow for key statistics. Then use correspondingly-colored Post-it® Arrow Flags to mark them as you go. They stick securely and remove cleanly, and their vibrant colors won’t let you miss them when flipping back through the book later!

    Improve reading skills with these 4 tips - Summarize

  • 3. Summarize

    At the end of each chapter, jot down a super short, two-sentence summary on a Post-it® Note 3 in. x 3 in., and stick the note at the beginning of the chapter. The notes stay put on paper, and if you want to remove them later — say, to place them in a notebook — they won’t damage the page. Tip: let the edge of your summary note peek outside the margin of the page, so you can easily find your chapter summaries when the book is closed!

    Improve reading skills with these 4 tips - Maintain a list

  • 4. Maintain a list

    As you read, keep a pad of Post-it® Super Sticky Lined Notes 4 in. x 4 in. nearby. Whenever you have a question, or find something you want to do more research on or revisit, jot it down on the list note. The lines make it easy to maintain a neat and tidy list — so when you’re done reading the book, you’ll have a handy list of questions and further explorations that you can stick and re-stick just about anywhere as you continue to study and learn.

    Reading efficiently seems like a straightforward endeavor — but maximizing your reading time with these specific reading tips can really boost your capacity to absorb information and study more effectively. You’ll be shocked at how much more you can get done, and how energized you’ll feel doing it! Just remember:

    1. Gather your materials
    2. Color code key items
    3. Summarize
    4. Maintain a list

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