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5 great Post-it® Note icebreakers

5 great Post-it® Note Icebreakers

Socializing, no matter how well intended, can be a little awkward. But no matter if you’re at a sales meeting or a block party, it’s nice to know to whom you are talking. Use one or a mix of these five games to break the ice and get to know each other a little better.

  • Two Truths and a Lie

    Each person in the meeting gets 3 Post-it® Notes. He or she writes a truth on two of them and a lie on the third. Break everyone up into groups to try and guess which note holds the lie.



  • Guess Where I'm From

    Before the meeting, ask everyone to email you where they’re from. Then break out a world map (if there are enough participants from foreign countries) or a map of the United States. Use Post-it® Arrow Flags to identify where people hail from. Then try to guess who’s from what city, state or country.

    Use Post-it® Arrow Flags to identify where people hail from

  • Where-We-Come-From Map

    Have each participant write their name on a Post-it® Arrow Flag. Then display a United States map and a world map. Have everyone take turns coming to the map and telling their co-workers/meeting participants where they’re from as a way of introducing themselves and put their flag on the state, town or country where they were born.

  • Draw Your Selfie

    The purpose of this icebreaker is two-fold: get people to reveal something about themselves you might never get to know and to marvel at their artistry, or lack thereof.

    Each participant gets a sheet from a Post-it® Big Pad to draw themselves doing something they love outside of work. At the end of the allotted time, gather up all the portraits, place them around the room and have everyone try and guess which portrait belongs to whom.

  • Who Am I

    Each member of the group picks a famous, well-known person and writes it on a Post-it® Note. The name should be kept secret. Each person then takes their Post-it® Note and attaches it to another person's back.

    Taking turns, everyone with a Post-it® Note asks the group questions to determine who they are. Questions should be kept to yes/no. Example:

    Am I male?
    Am I alive?
    Am I a politician?

  • Members can keep asking questions until they get a “no” answer or until they guess incorrectly. The winner is the person who can guess their name without getting any no answers or incorrect guesses.

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