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Studying with foldables

Create a Foldable with Post-it® Notes for Effective Studying

If you’re struggling to understand a science concept, sitting in front of your open textbook with a highlighter might not be the best approach! Writing things down and visualizing ideas is far more effective and inspiring. We teamed up with the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research to bring you fun and unique study tools.

  • Making a foldable is a creative, 3-dimensional activity that can make it easier to remember complex concepts — and Post-it® Products have the flexibility to make your foldable colorful, organized, and full of useful information. When you absorb information more easily, because it’s written down, you’re closer to mastering your subject and succeeding in whatever you want to achieve.

    Here’s how to make your own foldable study tools:

  • Create a foldable study tool with Post-it Notes

    1. Create your concepts

    First, think about how many concepts you want to include in your foldable. That will determine how many folds you create. For example, to make our mitosis foldable, we started with one Post-it® Super Sticky Big Note and created a diamond shape with four quadrants, one for each mitosis phase. The large size and square shape of the Post-it® Super Sticky Big Note makes a perfect canvas for all the information you’re going to add!

  • Make a mitosis study foldable with Post-it Super Sticky Notes.

    2. Layer in your information

    Use Post-it® Super Sticky Notes 3 in. x 3 in. to create layers and include more information in your foldable. For example, we sketched out what each mitosis phase looks like on one layer and wrote a description of each phase on another. Because the notes are super sticky, they’ll be sure to stay put inside the foldable — and if you ever need to remove and re-stick a note elsewhere, like inside your notebook, it’s no problem.

  • Label a study foldable with Post-it page markers

    3. Label and color code

    Label the sections of your foldable with different colors of Post-it® Page Markers — they’re easy to write on, and they stay put! Try matching each label color to the Post-it® Super Sticky Notes on the inside to keep the information organized — associating colors with concepts can better help you recall information later.

  • Quiz yourself with a study foldable made from Post-it Notes

    4. Close it up and quiz yourself

    When your foldable is complete, you can close up all the sections and quiz yourself on the concepts you’ve just learned. Now you have a great study tool you can use to memorize important information, see how parts of a process are related, or prepare for a test. Plus, you can make foldables for just about any topic, so use them in other classes to help make remembering tough concepts easier.

    Making a foldable might seem like an unconventional way to study. But writing things down and visualizing information can really get you inspired to dig deep and learn key concepts. Just follow the simple steps we outlined above:

    1. Create your concepts
    2. Layer in your information
    3. Label and color code
    4. Close it up and quiz yourself

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