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Tips for parents on how to ease kids’ back-to-school anxiety

How to ease kid's back-to-school anxiety

Heading back to school can be exciting for most kids but traumatic for others. It's natural for children to feel anxious especially if they are changing schools, new to town, had a negative experience last year or if they are shyer.

  • Although parents can’t be there to solve every problem, there are ways to help children feel more secure and prepared for the first day of school such as listening to worries, anticipating concerns and offering solutions for simpler problems.

  • As students advance to a higher grade level, one source of anxiety related to entering the new school year may be the increased work load and higher level of learning. Parents can instill positive study habits at a younger age and arm children with the proper tools for success so they are prepared to for new academic challenges as they enter middle school, high school and college.

  • Another source of stress might be new school routines and a new lay of the land. Boost the child or teen’s comfort zone about a new location and routine by visiting the school, taking an online tour, printing a map or schedule or getting a school handbook.

  • Michele Borba, Ed.D

    Michele Borba, Ed.D is an internationally renowned educator, TODAY Show contributor and parenting expert recognized for her solution-based strategies to strengthen children's character and reduce peer cruelty.
    For more about her see: www.micheleborba.com or follow her on twitter @micheleborba

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