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Help kids achieve with lunchbox notes

Inspire Kids to Achieve With a Post-it® Lunchbox Note

Spend five minutes to inspire your kids and keep them motivated for the rest of the day.

  • Sometimes, a simple, handwritten message can make all the difference in the world. That was the idea that inspired Luke Pieczynski to start writing a Post-it® Note every day to send in his daughter’s lunchbox. Almost 700 notes later, he’s learned a lot about how to stay creative — and how big a difference five minutes a day can make. His story will inspire you to help make your kid’s day!

  • Why lunchbox notes for kids?

    It all started with notes to Luke’s girlfriend (now his wife) when they were in a long-distance relationship. Whenever it was time for her to leave, he wrote her one special note and left it somewhere she’d find it later — in her purse, her suitcase, or her car — so she would remember how much he loved and missed her. And from that experience, he learned just how important taking the time to write a note by hand can be.

    Later, when the couple had married and had their first daughter, that little girl, a budding artist, was going through a hard time at school. In order to keep her inspired and help her harness her creative spirit, Luke started drawing and writing Post-it® Notes and sending them to school in her lunchbox every day. She loved them so much that they started saving the Post-it® Notes in a jar to look back at — and that was what inspired Luke to put them on a blog. He’s still at it, almost two years later, and has now added notes for his other daughter into the mix!

    Luke loves drawing his characters and coming up with new ideas to keep his daughters looking forward to opening their lunchboxes and getting motivated for the rest of their day. But his favorite part of drawing lunchbox notes every day? When his daughter draws one back, signs her name, and presents it to him at the end of the day.

    Post-it® Notes displayed on a refrigerator door.

  • Ideas to make your own lunchbox notes

    The biggest thing Luke has learned, and wants to share with others, is that it only takes five minutes to make a big difference in your kid’s day. It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw, he says, just do whatever you can think of to give your kid a little boost.

    Just get yourself a pad of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes 3 in. x 3 in. in a color you and your kids love, and then get creative!

    • Try writing a simple, “I love you!” and add a smiley face or a happy stick figure.
    • Pay attention to your kid’s homework or test schedule and jot a few words of encouragement for an upcoming assignment or test.
    • Write a note about a special class, like art or music, that gets your kid excited for that activity.
    • You can always fall back on the calendar, and say something about an upcoming holiday, historical commemoration, or birthday.
    • And, if it’s Friday, everybody loves to be reminded that the weekend is coming up!

    Since Post-it® Super Sticky Notes stick and restick, your kids can bring home their notes and stick them up on the fridge at the end of the day to create an ever-changing work of art.

    As Luke says, “Spend that five minutes [to write a note] — it can be ‘I love you’ and it can be once a week, and you’ve taken the time to really make an impact on them. That’s all it takes and it’s so easy to do.”

    The power of a handwritten note is the power to change your kids’ lives for the better.

    Share yours with us and with Luke and inspire other parents just like you!

  • Luke Pieczynski

    Luke Pieczynski is a loving husband and father of three living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He tries to inspire his children each day with a special lunch note that shares an empowering message. Luke’s work has been seen around the world and helps parents bring creativity into their kids’ lives by focusing on the power of positivity and love. See his work at www.lunchnotesketch.com.


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