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Getting your team's big ideas off the ground

Getting your team's big ideas off the ground

  • A common perception holds that game-changing ideas are built on the passions of one or two individuals. Although in reality, revolutionary thoughts are actually born of great team skills and tactics. Here are some ideas and insights to making the most of your collaborative experiences — courtesy of Post-it® Brand.

  • Group dynamics 101

    Incredible ideas are often the result of relationships built on mutual trust and respect. To facilitate great ideation sessions and exchanges, follow these simple guidelines:

    1. Have everyone discuss the strengths and opportunities that they’re looking to build on.
    2. Create a team charter. Identify your team’s goals/expectations and assign responsibilities based on strengths/areas of focus.

      Create a team charter

      Identify your team's goals
    3. Welcome counterpoints to your discussions. Too much consensus can often be counterproductive.
    4. Take time to celebrate. Whether you’ve arrived at an incredible idea or simply wrapping up for the day, reconvene and applaud the progress that you and your team made

      Take time to celebrate

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