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Getting your creative self on paper


Getting your creative self on paper

Explore some ideas to expressing your inner-genius

  • Post-it® Products have helped shape the way organizations and businesses have generated ideas for the past 35 years—but many individuals have used these same products as a canvas to express their personal creativity. Whether you’re crafting an art piece, a literary masterpiece or just looking to organize your creative thoughts, here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Draw it out

    Drawing doesn’t have to be “art”. Instead, drawing can help unlock more creative portions of your brain. In fact, drawing can actually add synapses to your neurotransmitters—meaning your brain can become stronger at accessing memories and experiences that help shape ideas. Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, Big Pads or Easel Pads are excellent canvases for sketching and refining ideas.

  • Experiment with limitations

    Sometimes boundaries are an incredible catalyst for creativity—and limiting your idea sessions to a particular amount of time is a great approach. For example, give yourself 10 minutes to jot down as many approaches to a project as possible—using a Post-it® Note for each idea. Come up with a direction you like? Give yourself another 10 minutes to build on it, once again using a Post-it® Note per idea. Repeat as often as you like over the course of a day or week until you’re inspired by the results.

  • Unclutter your space

    A cluttered mind tends to take up a lot of mental space, which can bog your creativity down. The solution? Start by organizing your creative physical space—whether a home office, kitchen counter or wherever—to reduce the excessive stimuli which may be exhausting your brain. Use Post-it® Flags and Post-it® Tabs to label priorities, materials and other necessities and arrange in a way that makes sense for you. As your space gets cleaned up, your mind will follow.

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