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Post-it® Teamwork Solutions 7 steps to adapt your project plan

How face-to-face meetings can boost productivity

While technology has brought teams across the world closer than ever before, some projects benefit from in-person interactions to start the project out on the right note.

  • Email, video conferencing, and conference calls have long been helpful tools for connecting teams in separate locations. But certain projects and topics may require more nuanced collaboration, where face-to-face interactions serve the team's efforts the best.

    “At the point when information can easily be conveyed in spreadsheets or written words, distance isn’t a problem. But if you have to see the expression on someone’s face or use your hands to show how something works — and especially if you’re brainstorming — you need to be together in person.” Harvard Professor Amy Edmundson, "Getting face time with your team right” – Fast Company, 2018.

    While there is no replacing a critical communication tool like email or a project management system, consider when collaboration could benefit from face-to-face interaction when launching a new project or campaign. It could help set the tone for the duration of the project and inspire more creative ideas and solutions from your engaged team.

    Another benefit from sharing the same space as your team? Taking ideas from a small computer screen and writing them on a Post-it® Super Sticky Easel Pad wall can help your team better visualize processes, plans, and parallel paths when working on long-term, large-scale projects.

    Originally published by Fast Company, a unit of Mansueto Ventures LLC. Copyright ©2018. Mansueto Ventures LLC.

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