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Wellness challenge on an office wall.

Color me motivated

Boost productivity and morale with a health and wellness challenge.

It’s been proven that healthy and happy employees are more productive, attentive and influential in their organizations, benefiting the company and its customers. Get your company’s staff up and moving with a fun contest to increase awareness and foster team building.

  • Employee adding a colored Post-it® Flag to the office wellness challenge.

    Divide employees into teams and have them decide on a team name. Assign a color to each team and create a chart for each team and label it with a Post-it® Tab of the same color. Use the charts to record each team’s progress through a series of health and wellness activities (steps per day, hours of exercise, blood pressure checks, etc.). Break the activities into weekly, measurable goals. If a team reaches the goal, reward them a color-coded Post-it® Flag on their chart. At the end of the challenge, the team with the most Post-it® Flags wins a prize.

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