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Make Your College Search A Success With The Right Tools

Make your college search a success with the right tools

Overwhelmed with choosing the right college? It’s a big life step, but with a few tips and key Post-it® Products, you can take the stress out of the search and choose your college with confidence.

  • College planning is a big undertaking, made all the more complicated because of all the variables you have to think about. Post-it® Brand has you covered with some great tips on how to break the problem up into small steps that will help you feel less overwhelmed, see the big picture, and focus on a solution. College is where you make your mark on the world — and Post-it® Brand is here to help.

    College Search A Success With The Right Tools - Get organized

  • 1. Get organized

    Take your list of potential schools and write each school’s name at the top of its own Post-it® Super Sticky Big Note 11 in. x 11 in. in big, bold letters. The large size of the notes gives you the real estate you need to collect a lot of information, and because they’re super sticky, they’re really versatile. Stick all the notes on an open wall in a grid pattern.

  • 2. What’s important?

    This is the time to think about your top variables for how to choose a college, such as reputation in your field of study, athletic programs, location, rating, tuition, etc. Grab a stack of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes 3 in. x 3 in. in multiple colors. Using 5 notes for each of your key variables, label each with the name of the variable (for example, Tuition) and number them from 1 to 5. Use a different color for each variable — that way, if you have 6 variables, you’ll end up with 30 notes in total, in 6 different colors. Stick them in a grid on the wall next to your big notes.

    Make Your College Search A Success With The Right Tools - Do your research

  • 3. Do your research

    As you research your schools, rank each college according to each variable by sticking your numbered Post-it® Super Sticky Notes directly on the big notes, with 1 being the strongest in that variable and 5 being the weakest. You can shuffle the ranked notes around as you refine your research — even after moving them multiple times, they’ll keep sticking!

  • 4. Narrow it down!

    When you start to see multiple ranked notes collecting on the big notes, you’ll clearly see your college list come into focus. You can easily remove schools while you narrow down your list by simply taking down the big note and then re-sticking your ranked notes onto other schools as your list shrinks.

    Make Your College Search A Success With The Right Tools - applying to college

  • Applying to college: plan your deadlines and important tasks

    Once you’ve zeroed in on the schools you want to apply to, use Post-it® Arrow Flags to mark important dates in your planner or calendar. They’ll provide easy-to-see reminders for your important deadlines, and you can even color code them!

    Figuring out how to pick a college is definitely a daunting task. Post-it® Products are great tools for getting your thoughts and ideas down, and their flexibility keeps up with you as your thinking changes, so you can feel confident that you’re making the right choice. By following these steps, you can narrow down this big decision into achievable tasks will keep you energized instead of stressed, and keep your most important priorities front and center:

    1. Get organized!
    2. Figure out what’s important
    3. Do your research
    4. Narrow it down!

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