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Post-it Pixel Art articles - Cheer On Your Team

Cheer on your team with pixel art

This year, show your school spirit with free pixel art templates. Game on!

  • How best to show your school spirit? Paint your face? Decorate your car? Dress up your dog? There’s an easier way! This year, try making some epic pixel art with Post-it® Super Sticky Notes to cheer on your team. It’s bright, original and easy to take down once the game is over. Best of all, it won’t land you in detention (or make your dog mad).

    We’ve made free downloadable templates to rev up your team. Just pick your template, customize it to reflect your school colors and get going! Make sure you check out our tips below.

  • Downloadable templates

    Post-it Pixel Art Go Team Template

  • Post-it Pixel Art Go Fight WinTemplate

  • Post-it Pixel Art Game On Template

  • Game On

    Share your creativity by posting your pixel art on social media with the hashtag #Postitart!

    @Postit / #Postit / #Postitart

  • Pro tips for getting started

    1. Opt for Post-it® Super Sticky Notes.These will make your art outlast even the craziest dance-off.
    2. Grab the right colors here.We sell handy dandy single packs of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes in every color of the rainbow.
    3. Each pixel art creation takes about two to five hours, so plan your time accordingly!
    4. Want to be a real pro? Read our full pixel art guide here.

    Happy cheering!

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