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Post-it® Brand Two easy changes to improve your team today

Two easy changes that can improve your team today

Team meetings and brainstorming sessions are two things that every team does. Revitalize them for success by incorporating the right tools and activities.

  • There are many factors that go into a team’s success. Aside from setting a clear vision and simple ground rules, team facilitators need to be able to capture progress and deliverables. Amy Edmonson, Harvard School of Business professor, and Jennifer Sukis, IBM Design Principal for AI Practices and Leadership, believe that incorporating the right tools lead to greater effectiveness and improved teamwork. Try one or both ideas with your team and watch the path to success.  

    Team meetings a bore no more
    Create a visual for teams to track projects using Post-it® Flex Write Surface. Use permanent marker on this surface to draw a grid, then label different categories (e.g. old business, new business, brainstorming ideas, project statuses, etc.). Use dry erase markers to change daily updates to the board and to capture new ideas. The shared visual keeps everyone on the same page and enhances team development.   

    Add a bit of color
    Using color could greatly improve teamwork effectiveness. During your next brainstorming session, try giving each team member a different colored pad of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes to write down their ideas. The varying colors are shown to boost creativity, and the mobility of the Notes make grouping like-ideas together a breeze. From there, categorize everyone’s ideas and rank them to complete the brainstorming session. Keep the momentum going by capturing the ideas in the Post-it® App and then share with your team.

    To find more tips that can help your team, check out Post-it.com/Teamwork.

    Originally published by Fast Company, a unit of Mansueto Ventures LLC. Copyright ©2018. Mansueto Ventures LLC.


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