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Celebrate a spooky Halloween

Celebrate a spooky Halloween: Post-it® Note decorations

Halloween is unlike any other holiday – it gives you the chance to take on another persona, to celebrate acting like a kid again, and to take a step into mystery and shadow, even if it’s only for one night.

  • A big part of Halloween is creating the right kind of atmosphere – a little spookiness, a little nostalgia and even a little kitsch can go a long way toward an evening that feels as filled with possibilities and memories as the best holidays of your childhood. And, in the case of Halloween, the simplicity and creativity of making great decorations out of everyday objects is part of the experience.

    Here are a few simple decorations that can transform a room, or even a whole house, into a place that feels perfect for a night of spooky fun.

  • Post-it® Super Sticky Note Bats

    Cut bats out of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes using the template below. Black would be the most traditional, of course, but orange and purple also capture the spirit of the season.

    Post-it® Super Sticky Note Bats


  • Post-it® Flag Pumpkins

    Cover a pumpkin in different colors of Post-it® Flags – you can make geometric patterns and designs, stripes or just a colorful version of a Halloween classic.

    Post-it® Flag Pumpkins

  • Post-it® Note Spooky Mice

    Creating silhouettes of creepy mice (or rats, or spiders), is as simple as making a quick stencil and cutting the shapes out of black Post-it® Super Sticky Notes. Once you’ve got them cut out, place them on the risers of a staircase or in the corners of windows or doorframes for a spooky haunted house effect.

    Post-it® Note Spooky Mice

    It’s not often we get to add a little thrill of mystery and excitement to our lives – Halloween offers us one of those chances. Take advantage.

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