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Arriving at the MVP

Arriving at the MVP

A common perception holds that game-changing ideas are built on the passions of one or two individuals. Although in reality, revolutionary thoughts are actually born of great team skills and tactics. Here are some ideas and insights to making the most of your collaborative experiences — courtesy of Post-it® Brand.

  • Making your idea "real"

    You’re sitting on a golden idea — but how do you launch it into reality? Follow these guidelines toward arriving at your minimal viable product (MVP):

  • 1

    One word: define. What is essential to getting your idea off the ground? What are the critical features? What are the nice-to-haves? Prioritize these components and put them on paper as a first step.

    One word: define

  • 2

    Compare your product/service with competitors. Where is there overlap? Where are you breaking new ground? Emphasize the differences to truly make your concept feel legitimate vs. another "me too."

  • 3

    Build a roadmap with team responsibilities. Establish check-ins and deadlines amongst your group to make tangible progress.

    build a roadmap

  • 4

    It’s ok to say "no." Building an MVP is about getting to the most important features/differences. That sometimes means limiting features/ideas at this stage. However, you can always add these later in future phases.

  • 5

    Seek feedback. Whether from friends or entrepreneurs, input from others could help you identify holes and/or opportunities to take your idea to another level.

    • Seek feedback
    • take your ideas to another level
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