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Adding Color to Your Workspace

Adding Color to Your Workspace

Serene blues and calm greens in a workspace help with creative focus, but energizing reds and yellows give a jolt of adrenaline and keep the brain alert

  • Could you change your energy just by changing the color surrounding you?

    If you’re having trouble concentrating, wondering where your creative mojo has gone or trying to recover a bit of lost spark, studies show that color may be the answer. Specific color environments give you an advantage, depending on the task at hand.

    Researchers have found that serene blue, color of the vast ocean and the wide-open sky, enhances performance for creative tasks. On the other hand, fiery red, the shade of heat and light, makes people pay greater attention to detail.

    So first decide if your project requires more fact or more fantasy — then make sure your workspace is up to the job!


  • Activity

    Set a timer for 30 seconds. Write down the number of times you see reds, oranges and yellows; and the number of times you see greens, blues or purples. See more reds, oranges and yellows? Your workplace is designed to be more stimulating. Have more green, blue and purple in your space? These colors will help you feel more calm and relaxed. If you want more of a balanced space, consider adding the same amount of stimulating/soothing colors to the room!

    Did you change the colors of your workspace? Share how color affected your workspace on Facebook and help others learn from your experience.

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