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Kids Kanban board to for student success during at home learning.

5 Activities for Learning at Home

Keep your at-home students learning on track with these 5 fun education activities. Combined with the Post-it® App, you can help them stay connected and share work with classmates and teachers virtually. Try one of these new methods and download the Post-it® App to keep the learning momentum going.

  • 1. Structuring sentences

    Knowing proper sentence structure and meaning is a skill that will follow your students the rest of their lives, this easy activity is perfect for your at home K-3 student.

    Start by choosing a sentence(s) for your student(s) to assemble and write each word on its own individual Post-it® Super Sticky Note. Be sure to include at least five of each: verb, adjective, noun, article and preposition. Ask the student to arrange these words on a wall. Use the Post-it® App to capture these words into a new Post-it® App Board. No longer are these words only on written on paper but now captured into the digital world.

    Once all words are loaded, export the results into a PowerPoint® slide for students to use by arranging the words into sentences.
    Easily save to share with teachers, parents and other students for a virtual review. Structure your at home student for success.

    Post-it® Super Sticky Note, on table showing words on them to mix around and make a sentence export slide to student to arrange into sentence.

  • 2. Give language skills a boost

    Help your student expand their vocabulary and boost their language skills with this simple learning activity.

    First, using Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, jot down words on one color and their related definitions on another color. Arrange them on a wall. For example, add “accomplish” on one color and “to achieve or complete something successfully” on another. Next, capture all the Post-it® Super Sticky Notes using the Post-it® App to create a new digital board. Organize the board as needed within the app, and the now digital Post-it® Notes are ready to export into a PowerPoint® (or desired format) to email to the teacher or group.

    Students can match the words to the definitions and boost vocabulary skills, virtually.

    Jot down words on one colour of notes and the definiton on another capture several on a board using the Post-it® App to create a digital board

  • 3. Doing schoolwork with kanban

    A kanban board is a great way for your family to help at home students organize tasks, manage assignments, and chart their progress, while the Post-it® App helps continue learning momentum by sharing with your group across a variety of platforms.

    Here’s how - you’ll need a smooth surface to begin, perhaps a wall, a variety of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes and a student with assignments to complete. Next you will need to create columns by evenly spacing larger Post-it® Super Sticky Notes of the same color across the top of your kanban, labeled “To-Do”, “Doing”, and “Done”. On the left side, write student’s name on a Post-it® Super Sticky Note and add to a row. Add as many rows as students in your household. Next, add different color notes for assignments and tasks under the “To Do” column.

    Review the board with your student and start the at home school day. As assignments are in-progress, move the Notes to the next column until you’ve completed all the tasks. If desired, capture the Post-it® Super Sticky Notes in the Post-it® App, and track them in a digital kanban board. Either way, the Post-it® App allows you to share them with your teacher. Simply export to PowerPoint®, Dropbox, Trello®, then share with your teacher.

    Kids Kanban board for student success during at home learning.

  • 4. Research the right way

    Knowing how to research the right way is integral to your students’ successes in the classroom. By writing down facts on a Post-it® Super Sticky Note, your student’s memory will be triggered when quizzed. This easy learning activity is a great tool to help at home K-12 students be prepared for English, History, Math, Biology, and more.

    Select a few topics for your students to research, write each topic on a Post-it® Super Sticky Note and arrange at the middle to top part of a wall. Ask your student to research each topic, have them write down 5-10 keywords and facts they’ve learned, each on individual Post-it® Super Sticky Notes. Arrange the new facts on the wall and, after the lesson, capture the learnings in the Post-it® App. Within the App, organize them into groups aligning with their respective topics. Finally, export from the Post-it® App into a format such as PowerPoint®, Excel or PDF. Student can use this as a study guide.

    By having student write their takeaways in their own words’ students will begin to think more critically about lesson concepts because they know they’ll have to express part of what they’ve learned.

    Post-it® super sticky notes on board in columns of each colour denoting what does the student want to make subjects like design code your ideas 3d printing notes break down in more detail helps student think more critically

  • 5. Teaching that takes

    Students learn through a variety of different methods, but while everything is being done remotely, your students might not be digesting the information you throw at them. A stuck board is an effective way to monitor what your students take away from daily lessons and what areas they need improvement by calling on them to engage more deeply with concepts of the lesson and putting them into their own words.

    Have your students write down their key takeaways on a Post-it® Super Sticky Note at the end of class and stick them to a wall. Ask them to capture the Post-it® Notes with the Post-it® App, which allows those key takeaways to remain digital for a study tool, and resting place as they keep adding to their knowledge. Share with the teacher by exporting key takeaways into a PowerPoint® presentation, Excel® spreadsheet or Post-it® Board. This can also be done in reverse, where teachers share key learnings or important information with students.

    Using Post-it® App shown on phone screen capturing Research the right way board

    No matter if your student is learning at home or in school, these 5 fun learning activities will keep them engaged and learning.

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