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Embrace your bromance on Valentine's Day

Sure, Valentine’s Day is about romance, and that’s great — don’t forget to do something nice for your significant other — but don’t forget your bros either because, they’ve got your back.

  • 1. Invite your bros for lunch.

    Nobody has plans for Valentine’s Day lunch, so get your bros together for a burger and maybe a lunchtime beer. If you happen to work with some bros, leave a Post-it® Super Sticky Note on their desks to give your invite the kind of personal touch that keeps the bromance alive.

    Invite your bros for lunch

  • 2. Give your single bros some extra attention.

    Valentine’s Day can be tough on some bros, so make sure your single bros get a little extra attention from you. If you’re single, plan a night out together. If you’ve got couple plans, just show your solidarity by giving your bro someone to talk to if he needs to bemoan his single status.

  • 3. Make some bromantic valentines.

    Your bros deserve a valentine, too. It could be as simple as a Post-it® Notes, Heart Shape. We’d recommended blue or green, so no one gets confused about your intentions. But you know, feel free to push the envelope. Whatever you do, add some candy. A little chocolate goes a long way.

    A purple heart shaped Post-it note with "Ted" written on it, stuck on the cover of a notebook.

    It doesn’t take much to show your bros how important they are, so give them a little bromance this Valentine’s Day. And, if all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a high-five.

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