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Virtual Learning Activity Timeline hand showing Post-it® App timeline on WW2 battles and events.

Lessons in Learning with Kim Beardon.

Kim Bearson, co-founder of Ron Clark Academy shares new lessons for virtual teaching with the Post-it® App to connect with students learning at home.

  • Innovation.

    A wise man once said that the stone age didn’t end because they ran out of stone. That’s true. Man evolved. Through education, learning, adapting and innovating they took the world from one of stone to the digital age we live in today. Innovation has touched every part of our lives. So, why would the way we teach students be any different?  

    Innovation encourages teachers and students to explore, research, and use all the tools at their disposal to uncover something new. It’s a new way to look at and solve problems.

    Located directly at the cross-section of innovation and education sits the Ron Clark Academy. A non-profit middle school located in Southeast Atlanta that was built around on the mission of delivering the highest quality educational experience through engaging methods. Since 2007, the Ron Clark Academy has received highly-acclaimed national and international recognition for their success in creating a dynamic learning environment. In fact, more than 80,000 educators have participated in the RCA Experience to learn better ways to engage their students, promote academic rigor, and create a climate and culture that promotes success.

    As one of the co-founders of the Ron Clark Academy and a self-proclaimed Post-it® Brand Queen, Kim Beardon knows a thing or two about mixing innovation and education both in and out of the classroom. Here, she shows us some innovative, new, fun educational activities that you can use for your students using the Post-it® App and Post-it® Super Sticky Notes

  • Activity 1- Timeline Matchup

    1. On a vertical surface and starting from left to right, write down a series of dates on Post-it® Super Sticky Notes.
    2. Write down events that coincide with the dates from above. Tip: write these dates on a separate color Post-it® Note.
    3. Capture notes using the Post-it® App and share the Post-it® Board with your students.
    4. Ask students to match the event with the date.
    5. When finished, share the finished board back for review.

    Showing WW2 timeline on Post-it App.

  • Activity 2 - Vocab BINGO

    1. Use Post-it® Super Sticky Notes to write out vocab words.
    2. Place the vocab words on a vertical surface, creating a word bank.
    3. With a different color Post-it® Super Sticky Note, spell out the word BINGO across the top.
    4. Capture your wall of notes into the Post-it® App. Share it with your students.
    5. Ask students to match up the words with the BINGO letter and share their results with you using the Post-it® App, or export the results to PowerPoint®, Excel®, PDF, Dropbox or Trello®.

    Vocab Bingo image showing on Post-it App.

  • Activity 3 - Periodic Table of Elements

    1. Using Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, write out the different elements listed on the Periodic Table.
    2. Place each note with the element on a vertical surface.
    3. Capture your notes using the Post-it® App and share the Post-it® Board with your students.
    4. Within the app, ask students to place the correct element in its correct place on the table.
    5. Students can share their results with you or the rest of the class through the Post-it® App or they can export through PowerPoint®, Excel®, PDF, Dropbox or Trello®.

    Image on Post-it App of Periodic table learning periodic table on Post-it App.

  • If you want more information about how to use the Post-it® App, visit Post-it.com/App.

    Download for iOS: http://postit.com/app-ios | Download for Android: http://postit.com/app-android

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