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10 ways parents can make STEM fun

10 ways parents can make STEM fun

When it comes to understanding how students learn, Dr. Michele Borba has earned a reputation for engaging ideas. Discover some of her thoughts to spark opportunities for your student throughout their academic career.

  • Show students and teens how STEM can be interesting, fun and extremely relevant to today’s world and you’ll create a wealth of opportunities for them — both short- and long-term. Here are some activities, games and projects to try both inside and outside of the home to help get students excited about STEM.


    1. Highlight STEM heroes like Steve Jobs and Sally Ride and their work to draw relevance to everyday life.
    1. Get a chemistry set to experiment at home with students during recreational time.
    1. Reframe collaboration to teach brainstorming techniques using a Post-it® Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface. Invite students to draw charts and diagrams and make it a social activity with “study buddies” or like-minded friends.
    1. Use social media in a positive way, such as following NASA on Twitter or using Facebook to follow STEM organizations.
    1. Watch the Discovery Channel or educational programming related to science, wildlife, etc. and how it corresponds to lessons your students have learned at school.
    1. Buy a microscope to observe items around the home or telescope to draw excitement surrounding the solar system.
    1. Use Post-it® Super Sticky Notes to create an interactive Table of Elements and build molecular models.
    1. Make a robot from recyclables or visit a recycling plant with students to bring the process to life.
    1. Enroll students in STEM related after-school activities or summer programs like Space Camp.
    1. Play games related to STEM such as math games with dice and probability.

  • Michele Borba

    Michele Borba, Ed.D is an internationally renowned educator, TODAY Show contributor and parenting expert recognized for her solution-based strategies to strengthen children's character and reduce peer cruelty. 

    For more about her visit www.micheleborba.com or follow her on twitter @micheleborba.

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