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Save time with the new Post-it® App. Download on iPhone or Android™ devices today.

Post-it® App FAQ


Names of the key screens found within the Post-it® App:

iOS® Screens:

  • Capture your notes
    Capture View
  • Combine groups
    Capture Preview
  • Share to your favorites
    Grid View
  • Create digital notes
    Board View
  • Organize your way
    Note Editor View
  • Post-it® App note resizing view
    Note Resize View
  • Work across your devices
    Export View
  • Transcribing your handwriting into editable text
    Note Details View
  • Store View
  • Post-it® App settings page


  • The Post-it® App brings the simplicity of Post-it® Notes to your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and Chromebook devices. Whether you use Post-it® Notes for teamwork and collaboration, or for reminders and personal note taking, the Post-it® App helps you keep the momentum going.

    Simply capture analog notes with your camera or create digital notes right on your device. Arrange, refine and organize ideas anyway you see fit. Then share your board with co-workers, teachers and friends, or export to your favorite apps and cloud services—including Miro, Trello, Dropbox, iCloud, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, and more.

    For a collaborative workshop or brainstorm you can also invite others to share their notes with you through the feature called Brainstorming Session.

  • A “Capture” is what we call the process of photographing multiple Post-it® Notes and then identifying each individual note so it can be recreated digitally.
  • A “Board” is the display area for captured Post-it® Notes. Multiple Captures can be included in the same Board. Additionally, the Post-it® Notes within a Board can individually be moved around, grouped and edited.
  • The Post-it® App works with iPhone and iPad devices running iOS® and iPadOS® 13.4 or above, macOS 10.15 Catalina or above on Mac computers, Android™ version 8 or above on Android™ devices and Chromebooks that support Android apps.
  • Yes, the Post-it® App is available on Apple’s Mac® Platform for devices running macOS 10.15 Catalina or above as well as on Chromebooks that support Android apps. With iCloud Sync enabled your Post-it® Notes are automatically synced between your iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.

    If you are interested in a desktop app being added to other desktop operating systems, please drop us a line at postitapp@3m.com and let us know which operating system you prefer (e.g., Windows, web-based, other). If you are seeking to use the app with other screens larger than your smartphone, the app runs great on iPad®, Android™ Tablets and can be projected to Apple TV® using AirPlay®.
  • Absolutely! Visit post-it.com/app to get all the latest information.

  • High contrast content captures best so we recommend using dark colored markers or felt tipped pens when writing on Post-it® Notes. The lighting in the room as well as the contrast between Post-it® Notes and the background also matters. Always capture in well-lit environments. If you have a light background such as a whiteboard, notes with stronger colors work best. If you have a dark background, lighter colored notes work better.

    The app also works great with Apple Pencil® and Samsung’s S Pen® for editing digital notes.

  • The Post-it® App supports a wide variety of square and rectangle Post-it® Notes. The app is optimized for the following shapes and sizes:

    • Square: 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 and 11x11
    • Rectangle: 2x1.5, 4x6, 5x3, 5x8, 6x4, 8x6

    If you use other shapes, the app may still capture them, but the content of that note might end up looking squished.



  • For your boards to sync to other devices, make sure the following things are true:

    • You are logged in to iCloud using the same Apple ID on all of your devices
    • iCloud Drive is enabled in device Settings
    • iCloud is enabled for the Post-it® App in device Settings
    • iCloud Sync is enabled in the Post-it® App
    • You have internet access
    • You have available storage space on iCloud
  • If iCloud Sync is enabled on your Apple® devices, certain icons might appear to give you more information about your boards.

    • cloud icon The board has not yet been downloaded to your device. Tap the board to download it.
    • spinner icon The board is being downloaded to your device. Once downloaded you can view the notes in the Post-it® App.
    • cloud icon with exclamation point The board cannot be uploaded to iCloud. Make sure you have enough storage space available on iCloud.
    • exclamation point icon The board was updated on two different devices simultaneously and the changes are not in sync. Tap the board to pick which edits to keep.
  • Tap the + button and then the camera icon in the Post-it® App. The Capture Screen will open, activating the camera. Tap the landscape icon on the bottom right of the screen to access and select an existing photo on your device.
  • You may have the screen orientation locked on your device. Check your device’s settings to make sure it is turned off.
  • Tap the button with three dots on the top right in the Board View. Then tap “Show Captures”. You will now see the original Captures of all notes.
  • While the Post-it® App is optimized to capture square Post-it® Notes, it is possible to use the manual assist feature to capture additional content. With the original Capture View open, tap the content you wish to add. The Post-it® App will add a bounding box to the capture. You can drag the corners of the box to outline the content, then tap the Done icon to add it to the capture.
  • With your original Capture View open, simply tap any notes contained within the capture that are not outlined with a check mark in the image. When you return to your Board View, you will see your missing note added in a new group.
  • The Post-it® App’s ability to capture Post-it® Notes is dependent on the quality of your device’s camera — newer devices can capture more notes at the same time. All devices can capture at least 50 notes at once and oftentimes many more. Keep in mind that the more notes you capture at once the lower the resolution will be of each note.
  • We recommend keeping a minimum of 1/8 of an inch between notes. Overlapping notes may require manual assist to capture.
  • To help ensure quality and readability of note content, the Post-it® App will not take a photo if you are too far away from the notes you are trying to capture. The hints in the Camera View will guide you to move closer.
  • Try getting closer to the notes and making sure the camera is focused before capturing.
  • With the Post-it® App open, press the settings gear icon on the top of the screen. In the section Capture Hints, you will find the option to slide on or off the capture hints as well as the option to show or hide gridlines in the viewfinder. On iOS®, you will also see the option to enable or disable the app’s ability to prevent capture if the minimum conditions for a good capture are not being met.
  • Tap the + icon in the Post-it® App and pick the camera option to activate the capture view. You can either try to capture the whole wall in one image or capture portions of the wall in sections if you want higher resolution notes. After you have created a Board with the first capture, you can tap + again directly from the Board to add additional captures. You will notice that every capture is automatically put into its own group, making organizing easier.
  • Tap on an individual note to zoom. On iOS®, tap on the export icon then select "Save image". On Android™, pick one of the other export destinations to export a photo.
  • No. Importing pictures taken in panoramic mode is not supported at this time.
  • It depends. For iOS® users, if you had enabled iCloud Sync, you can retrieve your boards from your iCloud® account. Your boards will also be available in the Post-it® App if you install it again and enable iCloud Sync. For Android™ users, unfortunately, the answer is no unless you have set up a backup solution for your device.

    If you want to keep copies of your boards outside of your device you can export each board as a “.postit” file and save it to your preferred cloud service.

    If you would like to see us offer Cloud Storage, please drop us a line at postitapp@3m.com.

  • If iCloud was accidently turned on or off there is a slight possibility that your boards are no longer shown in the app even though they still exist on your device. Look for them using the Files app:

    1. Open Files

    2. Tap on the Browse tab twice to make sure you are in the top location

    3. Look in both the iCloud Drive and On My iPhone locations for a folder called Post-it®

    4. Tap the folder called Post-it®

    5. Your Post-it® Boards (.postit documents) should be listed in one of these folders

    Switch on (or off) the iCloud Sync setting in the Post-it® App to once again see your boards in the Grid View if you found them by following the steps above.

Digital Notes

  • Yes. You can create digital Post-it® Notes and add content by drawing and typing. The note editor provides a number of note and marker colors for drawing and the ability to add typed text to a note, as well as options to change the color of the Post-it® Note itself independent of the color of your drawings and text.
  • Yes. The editor allows you to make changes to captured Post-it® Notes just as easily as digital ones.
  • In the Note Editor you can change the size of both captured as well as digital notes. Use the switch at the bottom of the screen to move between the resize and edit views. In the resize view you can pick from a number of square and rectangle shaped note sizes.

    When you resize a note you can also decide how the content, drawings and text, should adapt to the new size. Content can either maintain its size and stay centered on the note, or scale together with the note.

  • Digital text can easily be aligned left, right or center by tapping the align button. You can also freely move the text on a note by dragging it with one finger, or scale and rotate it using two fingers.

  • Any passive capacitive stylus that works with your device also works with the Post-it® App. The app is also optimized for use with Apple Pencil® and Samsung’s S Pen®.

    (Touch input is disabled when you draw on a note using Apple Pencil® and re-enabled the next time you open up the Note Editor.)


  • While there is no real un-combine feature in the app, you can create new Boards by removing individual Captures from an existing board.

    1. In the Board View, tap the button with three dots on the upper right corner

    2. Tap “Show Captures”

    3. Tap the trash can to remove a Capture

    4. Choose “Create New Board”

  • With the Post-it® App open, create a new Board by capturing notes or open an existing Board containing notes. Simply drag and drop any of the notes in and out of groups to reorganize the notes as you see fit.
  • In the Board View, when you tap on a group of notes, you will see three layout options depicted as icons. The first shows the notes as you captured them. The second will organize your notes into rows and columns. The third on the far right aligns the notes to fit the aspect of the group shape you have selected.
  • You can drag and drop a note onto the group title. The text on the note will be used as the title, and the group will assume the color of the note. There needs to be more than one note in a group in order to create a Title Note.

    Once a Title Note has been set it can later be detached and returned to the group. Just tap the group, and then tap on the icon showing the Title Note.

  • Yes! Simply export your Board as one of the file types and open the exported file type to continue working with your notes in your favorite programs.
  • You have two options. In the Grid View, simply tap the Select button on the top right-hand side of the screen. Select all Boards you wish to combine and press the Combine button. Your selected Boards will be merged into one. On iOS®, you can also drag any of the Boards in the Grid View onto the Board you wish to combine. On Android™, you can press and hold on a board to select it, then select all other boards you wish to combine it with, and then tap on the Combine icon on the top right of the screen.
  • In the Grid View, simply tap on the Select button in the top right-hand side of the screen and then select the board you wish to delete. An icon of a trash can will appear. Tap that and select Delete Board.
  • Yes, you have the ability to mark your most important notes as favorites. Your favorite notes will be shown in the Post-it® App widgets on Android™, iOS® and macOS® respectively. This way, all you need to do is view your home screen to see your daily to-do’s, reminders or important thoughts.

    To mark your notes as favorites, go into a Board, tap on an individual note, and tap the star icon. Information about which notes are marked as favorite is local to your device. It is not synced to other devices.


  • On iOS®, in the Grid View, lightly swipe down to reveal the search box. On Android™, tap the search icon in the toolbar. On macOS use the search field in the side bar of the main window.

    You can search for board name, group name, dates and note content such as digital text added to a note or text added through the handwriting recognition process.


  • To export a board, either select it in the Grid view and tap the Share button or enter the board and tap the Share button there. This will bring up the Export Board options where you will first select an export format and then an export destination such as email, iMessage®, AirDrop® to another device, Dropbox, Google Drive™, etc.
  • The Post-it® Board export format creates a “.postit” file which can be opened in the Post-it® App on another device. It can be used to send boards to other people, e.g. over email, iMessage®, text message, or using AirDrop® on iOS®. Post-it® Boards can also be synced across all your Apple® devices with iCloud. See “What is iCloud Sync” to learn more.
  • You can save copies of boards to cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive™, and import them into the app on another device. Boards can also be synced across all your Apple® devices with iCloud. See “What is iCloud Sync” to learn more.
  • With iCloud Sync you can keep notes and boards in sync across all your Apple® devices: iPhone, iPad and Mac. This way a board you have captured on your iPhone will immediately be available on your iPad, and any change made on the iPad will sync right back to your other devices. In order to use iCloud Sync, you have to be logged in to iCloud using the same Apple ID on all of your devices. Make sure you have also enabled iCloud Sync in the Post-it® App.
  • When you export a board from the Post-it® App to Miro, a new Miro Board is created with the notes that contain digital or transcribed text. Drawings and handwritten text that has not been transcribed through Handwriting Recognition will not be exported. These notes will instead show up as empty notes in the Miro Board.

    When you start the Miro export, you will have the opportunity to add or edit text on captured notes before exporting. Notes containing digital text will be exported as is.

  • Text that you add digitally to a note or text added through the handwriting recognition process is exported from the Post-it® App when you select Trello, Miro, Excel or Text export formats.


Handwriting Recognition

  • With handwriting recognition, you can have your handwritten notes be transcribed into editable text. This is great if you want to export the text in your notes to include it in a document or presentation.

    Enable handwriting recognition to automatically transcribe all new Post-it® Notes captured and created with the app. Switching this setting off means new notes will not be transcribed unless you tap one of the handwriting recognition buttons in the app.

  • Yes, tap the Post-it® Note in the Note Details view to show or hide the editable text that is shown below each Post-it® Note.

    Even if the text is hidden in the Note Details View, it will still be exported to Trello, Excel and Text. If you don’t want handwriting recognition performed on your boards, you can disable it in Settings.


  • You can enable and disable iCloud Sync in the Settings screen of the Post-it® App. With iCloud Sync enabled your notes and boards will be kept in sync across all your Apple® devices. If you disable iCloud Sync, changes to your notes and boards from that point onwards will only be stored locally on your device. You can change the iCloud Sync setting at any time in the Post-it® App.
  • In the settings view, tap on the “Default Note Color” section. A color menu will open, allowing you to select the default color for digital notes.
  • In the settings view, tap on the “Default Font” section. A font menu will open, allowing you to select the default font.
  • Tap will let you take a photo instantly with just a tap of the finger. Touch-and-Hold requires you to press and hold the camera button for 2 seconds to process your Capture. The touch-and-hold option improves capture stability and image quality.
  • In the settings view, tap on “Siri® Shortcuts”. Within the Siri® Shortcuts menu, you can add Shortcuts to do the following: 1) Capture notes into a new board, 2) Create a note in a new board, 3) Capture notes into the latest board, 4) Create note in latest board, and 5) View last board. Simply hit the “+” sign then hit the red record button to record your new Siri® Shortcut.
  • Handwriting Recognition

    Enable handwriting recognition to automatically transcribe all new Post-it® Notes into editable text. Switching this setting off means new notes will not be transcribed unless you tap one of the handwriting recognition buttons in the app.

    Preserve Line Breaks

    Preserve line breaks is enabled by default. Disable it if you want to replace line breaks with spaces in order to maintain sentences and not have them split up into different lines.

    Preserve Case

    Preserve case is enabled by default. Disable it if you want the Post-it® App to replace text written in all caps with regular lower-case text.

  • You can link your Post-it® App to other services like Trello and Miro. This allows you to export your Post-it® Notes to a new Trello Board (for task management) or a new Miro Board (for visual collaboration). You can link your Trello Account or Miro Team from the Linked Services screen in Settings, or while you are exporting your notes to the service in question. To learn more about how to export your notes, see “How do I export Boards from the Post-it® app”.