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Important Updates: July 2023

Getting Started

  • The Post-it® App for Microsoft Teams is a digital whiteboard tool that helps empower thinkers, doers, and creatives to collaborate and put their ideas into action with augmented workflows to accelerate the momentum of any project.

    Handwritten Notes to Digital: Many great ideas often start as thoughts written on Post-it® Notes. Now with the Post-it® App for Microsoft Teams, you and your team can keep the collaboration going whether physical or digital. Simply capture your physical notes with the Post-it® App from your smartphone and add them to a shared board in your Microsoft Teams meeting.

    Zen Mode: In a busy team brainstorm, the activity on a virtual whiteboard can be distracting to some team members. Create focus while ideating by selecting Zen Mode to ‘silence’ other team members’ actions while you finish your thoughts.

    Explore Topics: With augmented features like Explore Topics, additional information from internal and external sources such as Bing, Wikipedia and SMEs can bring new ideas into the conversation.

    Search & Stack: Identify themes and duplicates quickly by using Search & Stack. Simply search for keywords and the tool will gather and stack notes for your review.

    Vote: Get group consensus with the Vote feature. Simply turn on Vote and each team member can cast their vote to the idea they prefer most.

    Export Tasks: After ideation, taking the next step to action toward the goal is critical to project momentum. Hybrid teams using Microsoft Planner can now take action beyond the meeting. Tag Post-it® Notes and assign them to participants within Microsoft Planner

  • Select “Apps” in the lower left corner of Microsoft Teams, then search for “Post-it®”. Anyone can add the Post-it® App to Microsoft Teams, but it does require a subscription to function. Users who have a subscription can add the app and use it immediately. Users who do not have a subscription will be displayed a popup message sending them back to the marketplace to purchase a license.

  • The Post-it® App works on all desktop computers with Microsoft Teams installed, and on all web browsers that support Microsoft Teams. Additionally, there are companion apps to enable note capture for iOS and Android. More info here.

  • Opening the app in Microsoft Teams on your mobile device will allow you to view, rename, leave, and delete boards. You will also be able to navigate the canvas to view content, but you will be unable to use a majority of features such as making edits or adding new notes.

  • Capture handwritten notes in 2 ways:

    1. The Post-it® App is available for iOS and Android. This is a completely free app for capturing and creating notes which has been available since 2014.

    2. The Post-it® App for Microsoft Teams includes companion apps for iOS and Android to enable note capture. These note capture companion apps are free to install, but will require an active Post-it® for Teams subscription to function.

Using the Post-it® App for Microsoft Teams

  • To add a Post-it® Note to the Canvas, simply click and drag a Note from the pad at the bottom of your screen. Clicking on the size and color icon next to the Post-it® Note Pad will allow you to edit the size and color of your Note. Double clicking anywhere on the Canvas will also add a Note with the same size and color that you most recently selected. You can also edit the size, color, font, and formatting of any note on the canvas by clicking on the note and using the pop-up tool panel.

  • Pan:
    1. With your cursor, select the hand tool in the bottom right and click and drag to pan.
    2. Shift + H will toggle your cursor to the hand tool enabling easy panning. If you are using a mouse, holding the mouse wheel will also toggle the cursor to the hand tool.
    3. On trackpad, use two fingers to swipe up/down or left/right
    4. With your mouse wheel, scrolling will pan up/down. Holding shift will swap the motion to pan left / right.

    1. With your cursor, select the +/- icons in the bottom right to adjust zoom.
    2. On trackpad, pinching with two fingers will zoom in. Expanding two fingers will zoom out.
    3. With your mouse wheel, hold Ctrl to zoom in/out. On Mac, ⌘ will also work.
    The center content button will recenter the view to include all notes on the board.

  • 1. Use the create group button in “Tools” in the lower left corner to add a new group.
    2. Double clicking on the group name will allow you to edit the title of that group.
    3. Clicking once on a group will open a minibar that allows you to edit the notes within said group and to explore topics related to the group or to move it around the canvas.
    4. Clicking near the edge of a group will allow you to drag to re-size it.
    5. Select the Post-it® App for Teams to be taken to your homepage where you can see all the boards you’ve created and those that have been shared with you.

  • Voting mode can be activated by entering “Tools” in the bottom right corner and then choosing the “Voting” option. Each user can choose when they would like to enter in voting mode, and it will only activate voting for that individual.

    While in voting mode, use the +/- buttons that appear near each note to add or remove your votes. Each user will have 5 votes to assign however they choose, including voting for one note multiple times.

    While in voting mode, the results can be seen in the panel on the right. Twist the panel up to see the most highly upvoted notes.

    When you exit voting mode, you will no longer see votes, however they will be saved for the next time you re-enter voting mode.

Managing Boards

  • While in Microsoft Teams, click the three little dots on the bottom of the left navigation pane to open your Personal Apps page.

  • Create a Board from your Personal Apps.
    While in the Post-it® App for Teams Personal Apps, you can add a new Board by clicking the + icon in the top left. By default, this board will only be visible to you. You can always invite collaborators later by manually entering their email address. If your administrator has granted consent for user search, you can also scan through a list of users in your company and share the board with them.

    How can I share a board to a meeting?
    While in a meeting, select the three little dots in the top right to add the Post-it® App to the Teams meeting:

    You can either create a new board or share an existing one. Once you’ve selected the board, use the share tray icon in the app window on the right to share it to the meeting participants. Only one user needs to add the app and share it for everyone to be able to collaborate. The board will be shared with all users in the meeting. After the meeting is over, everyone will be able to see the board on their own app homepage.

    How can I share a board within a Teams channel?
    Within a Teams channel, click the “+” icon on the top right navigation pane to add the Post-it® App to that channel:

    Everyone in that Teams channel will have access to the board and be able to collaborate.

  • If you are an Owner of a Board, you can use the Manage Access option to remove access for collaborators on that board. Tap the Share button in the upper right corner and then manage access button. There you will have a list of people that has access to the board and you can remove them by tapping x next to their name.

  • Yes, if you would like to no longer participate in a board you may leave it. Navigate to your Personal Apps , select the “...” menu on the Board you would like to leave, then click “Leave Board”

Advanced features

  • Click once on a group to open the minibar, then select Explore Topics to browse information from Bing and Wikipedia. If your organization has enabled Augmentation API’s,you will also be able to explore People and Files within your organization here. You can use the Pin icon to pin relevant results to the group.

Note Capture

  • A “Capture” is what we call the process of photographing multiple Post-it® Notes and then identifying each individual note so it can be recreated digitally.
  • Post-it® App can capture all square and rectangular Post-it® Notes. Both text and images drawn on Post-it® Notes can be captured.
  • The Post-it® App’s ability to capture Post-it® Notes is dependent on the quality of your device’s camera — newer devices can capture more notes at the same time. All devices can capture at least 50 notes at once and oftentimes many more. Keep in mind that the more notes you capture at once the lower the resolution will be of each note.
  • The iOS mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store here. The app is free to download and install, but will require you to log into a Microsoft 365 account with an active subscription to function.
  • The Android mobile app can be downloaded from the Play Store here. The app is free to download and install, but will require you to log into a Microsoft 365 account with an active subscription to function.
  • Yes. You can create digital Post-it® Notes and add content by drawing and typing. The note editor provides a number of note and marker colors for drawing and the ability to add typed text to a note, as well as options to change the color of the Post-it® Note itself independent of the color of your drawings and text.
  • There are a few factors that can affect capture quality. For example, high contrast content captures best so we recommend using dark colored markers or felt tipped pens when writing on Post-it® Notes. The lighting in the room as well as the contrast between Post-it® Notes and the background also matters. Always capture in well-lit environments. If you have a light background such as a whiteboard, notes with stronger colors work best. If you have a dark background, lighter colored notes work better. Additionally, The Post-it® App supports a wide variety of square and rectangle Post-it® Notes. The app is optimized for the following shapes and sizes (units in inches):

    Square: 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 and 11x11
    Rectangle: 2x1.5, 4x6, 5x3, 5x8, 6x4, 8x6

    If you use other shapes, the app may still capture them, and then alter the shape of the note to fit a square or rectangle.

  • Data is synced across your Microsoft account.
    Troubleshooting sync issues
    1. Be sure you are logged into the same Microsoft account on your desktop and mobile devices.
    2. Check that your devices are connected to the internet.
    3. Contact support@post-it.com if you continue to experience issues.

Accounts & Subscription Billing

  • The Post-it® for Teams App is made available and managed through Microsoft Marketplace. Authentication for the app is managed with your Microsoft 365 account. Anyone who is authorized by your company to complete the purchase flow can access the user management website here. to assign licenses for end users. Please note that this will require additional permissions to enable user search.
  • Please contact support@post-it.com for data deletion requests. You will receive confirmation that your data has been deleted within 24 hours.
  • The Post-it® App for Microsoft Teams can be found either on AppSource or in the Teams Marketplace. Once the app is installed, you will enter a 30-day free trial which grants complete access to the app. On the 31st day, you will begin being charged to the payment method associated with your Microsoft account.
  • The EULA and Privacy Policy are made available on the Post-it® App for Teams Microsoft Marketplace Page. In order to add the app, users must agree to the EULA & Privacy Policy. Enterprise administrators can agree on behalf of end users when adding the app to their organization. The EULA is available here (PDF, 168 KB), and the Privacy Policy here
  • Some functionalities of the Post-it® App for Microsoft Teams require additional consent. Consent can be granted through our User Management Website here. When authenticating against the User Management Website the user consents the Post-it® App to read basic information about all users in the organization (User.ReadBasic.All). This consent can either be granted only for logged in user or – if the user is a tenant admin – granted to the full organization.

    This consent enables the ability for tenant administrators to assign licenses within the user management website. It also enables user search in the “Share Board” feature within the Teams App. Sharing via manual input of a users email will work without consent.

  • Some advanced functionalities of the Post-it® App for Teams require additional consent. This includes our Augmentation API’s that enable Task Export and Explore Topics*.
    The permissions required for these API’s are as follows: Chat.Create. Chat.ReadWrite, ChatMessage.Read, ChatMessage.Send, Files.Read.All, Presence.Read.All, Tasks.ReadWrite, User.Read, User.ReadBasic.All, Group.Read.All, GroupMember.Read.All, People.Read.All

    A tenant administrator will need to sign into our User Management Website to grant these permissions for the entire organization.

    * Note that Bing & Wikipedia search within Explore Topics will function without this consent, but consent is required to Explore People & Files within your organization.

  • 3M is not able to view any of the content you create within the Post-it® App for Teams. For more information see our EULA (PDF, 168 KB) and Privacy Policy.
  • Please refer to the Privacy Policy for details regarding the information that is tracked by the Post-it® App for Teams.