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Introducing the Post-it® App for Microsoft Teams
three people working together using Post-it® Notes and the Post-it® App for Microsoft Teams

Introducing the Post-it® App for Microsoft Teams: Hybrid work made simple.

Replicate the magic of in-person collaboration with the Post-it® App for Microsoft Teams. Try this digital whiteboard that’s embedded directly in Microsoft Teams. Just like physical Post-it® Notes, this application enables hybrid teams to collaborate, create and take action with a simple and intuitive experience only the Post-it® Brand could create.


  • Capture Handwritten Notes

    Many great ideas often start as thoughts written on Post-it® Notes. Simply capture physical notes and add to a shared board — right in your Microsoft Teams meeting. Download now.
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    Apple App Store

    Zen Mode, Working Alone, Together

    In a busy team brainstorm, the activity on a virtual whiteboard can distract from thinking up the best ideas. Create focus while ideating by selecting Zen Mode to ‘silence’ other team members’ actions while you finish your thoughts.

    Search & Stack

    Identify themes and duplicates quickly by using Search & Stack. Simply search for keywords and the tool will gather and stack notes.

  • Three panels showing Capture, Zen mode, and Search & Stack features of the Post-it® App for Microsoft Teams

  • Three panels showing Explore Topics, Voting, and Assign Task features of the Post-it® App for Microsoft Teams

  • Explore Topics

    Bring new inspiration to your board. Search Bing, Wikipedia and Subject Matter Experts, and files within your board and pin for later.


    Gather group consensus with the Vote feature. Simply turn on Vote and each team member can cast their vote to the idea they prefer most.

    Assign Tasks

    Take action. Tag Post-it® Notes and assign them to participants within Microsoft Planner.

  • Need help getting started? Wonder how the features work? Check out all the basics and need to know details here.

  • Let us know your feedback. Drop us a line and we'll get back.

  • A Post-it® Note with the Post-it® Capture App Icon on it.
    Capture Handwritten Post-it® Notes. Download Now.

    Go ahead and write ideas down on Post-it® Notes during a meeting. With this version of the mobile app, simply capture those notes and load directly to your Microsoft Teams board.

    Apple App Store

    Google Play

  • Post-it® Super Sticky Notes feature 2x the sticking power. This mixed size pack is great for planning a project or getting organized. Use for lists, notes and reminders on doors, windows or walls.

*Limited seats. Terms and conditions apply.

In some cases, IT Administrators may need to enable access for users in their Microsoft Teams Marketplaces.

a phone using the Post-it® App for Microsoft Teams, with physical Post-it® Notes.
Try 30 days for free at the Microsoft App Marketplace.*
A desk with post-it notes on the desk and wall, with a tablet and keyboard using the Post-it App for Microsoft Teams
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