Think Loud this school year.

Post-it® Study Tips

How many brilliant thoughts, world-changing ideas, spectacular inventions and important appointments never happened, just because we don’t get them out of our heads? You never know where an idea will take you, until you put pen to paper and write it down.

Big ideas, need big canvases. With Post-it® Super Sticky Notes and all the Post-it® Brand solutions you can make your dreams come alive this school year.

Don’t just think big.

Think Loud.

Featured Products

  • Post-it® Super Sticky Notes

    Bus Cabinet Pack, Assorted Bright Colors, 35 Pads/Pack, 45 Sheets/Pad

  • Post-it® Printed Notes

    3 in x 3 in, Emoji designs, 4 alternating faces, 2 Pads/Pack, 30 Sheets/Pad

  • Post-it® Printed Notes

    3 in x 3 in, Rainbow designs, 2 Pads/Pack, 30 Sheets/Pad

  • Post-it® Weekly Planner

    18 in x 12 in, 26 planner sheets plus 150 Post-it® Super Sticky Full Stick Notes/Pack 

  • Post-it® Pop-up Notes Dispenser

    Apple-Shaped Dispenser and Post-it® Super Sticky Pop-up Notes, 1 Pad/Pack

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