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Staying on Task

Staying on Task

Adding a touch of color when note-taking or reading stimulates the creative part of your brain. Not only are ideas easier to recall, they are more interesting, so you can stay engaged longer.

  • Color gives your to-do lists an attention-booster you can’t get from bland black-and-white copy. Plans might be well-made, but when they’re presented in monochrome, the eye glazes over.

    Color also stimulates the creative part of your mind. A variety of colors helps the brain visually divide and recall individual tasks. And because color activates the brain’s native interest, there’s a natural ease in consulting a color-rich plan.

    Vary the lines on your to-do list with colored ink in multiple shades, or try neon-tinted highlighters for tasks of great importance.


  • Activity

    Ask a friend to help you with this memory game by making two lists of 10 randomly chosen people, places or things. Have your pal give the items on one list a blast of color by underlining them with highlighters or markers. Give yourself 15 seconds to study the plain list. Then, turn it over and write down all the items you can recall. Now try the same thing with the color-lined list. Which one was more memorable?

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