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Instant party decorations with Post-it® Products

3 ways to craft instant party decorations with Post-it® Products

Make a last-minute party more fun and colorful with Post-it® Products.

  • Sometimes, spontaneous parties just need to happen — after a big project finally gets done at the office, something awesome happens at school, or maybe for no reason at all. When a party is suddenly in the cards, decorations might seem like they’re out of reach, but with a little creativity and the Post-it® Products you probably already have on hand, you’d be surprised how nicely you can pull things together. A festive break from the daily grind will give everyone the chance to feel refreshed, so they can get back to making their mark on the world.

  • 1. Craft an award-winning ribbon

    First, raid your supply closet. You’ll need some Post-it® Flags, Post-it® Super Sticky Big Notes, and, ideally, some foam core, if you’ve got it. (Regular cardboard will also work just fine.) Then, get to construction! To make the rosette, cut out circles from your foam core or cardboard. Then, decorate with Post-it® Flags in the colors you like the best — they’ll add some panache and draw attention to your decorations. Then, make the ribbon by cutting a ribbon shape out of your Post-it® Super Sticky Big Notes. Put it all together and you’ve got a first-place ribbon decoration. (See what we did there?)

    Instant party decorations with Post-it® Products - make kudos banners

  • 2. Craft kudos banners

    An easy way to make a fun and charming party decoration is to create banners with Post-it® Super Sticky Notes 3 in. x 3 in. Using the ribbon from above as a center point, stick your Post-it® Super Sticky Notes on the wall in the shape of real banners. Then, to celebrate who or what your party is for, have every guest write a note of congratulations or celebration on one of the Post-it® Super Sticky Notes in the banner. Because they stick and re-stick, you can take them down and give them to the people they’re celebrating, who can put them up on their own walls or at their desk for a reminder of how great they are.

    Instant party decorations with Post-it® Products - make party hats

  • 3. Craft party hats

    Everything’s more fun with a hat. Create your own with supplies on hand — first, get some Post-it® Flags and Post-it®Page Markers, plus anything else you’ve got that seems like it would make a good decoration: Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape, ribbon, fun trim, googly eyes, you name it. Make a cone of light cardboard or posterboard and hot-glue or tape it into shape. Then, get creative with your supplies. Post-it® Flags work great to layer on alternating colors, and Post-it® Page Markers can be cut to make tassels for the tops of your hats, or add fringe to the bottoms. If you’ve got them, use your other supplies to add sparkles, more colors, or trim to your hats.

    It might all seem a bit silly, but taking a moment out of your day to have fun with the people you work with gives everyone the fuel they need to work harder the next day. When you build stronger relationships with the people around you, you all work together better, so you can get more done and feel more energized for what’s next. Sometimes, that means making party decorations that give your colleagues a reason to smile.

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